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a game



walking the rail
is a game
that lasts
a short time
until the
on the line
gives us up




Image: A combination of two photographs. One was taken at a railroad crossing just south of New Athens, Illinois. The other is an older photograph of a quilt that I used at the house in Oregon. The tracks represent the journey of schedules and rules that man makes. The quilt represents the comfort that exists off the track.




I have been blogging for many years, and i have changed blogs, made new blogs, gone from blogger to wordpress and now both. I have three blogs at the moment. It has been interesting to say the least.

Writing on a blog has shown me that there are other people in the world that have some of the same interests as me. Through other bloggers i have learned what words can do. I have been encouraged and Loved in the many comments that have come my way.

People have come and gone, just like in any other part of my life. There is a time for everything. Everything has a season in our lives. I have found that to be true online that same as anywhere else. Except for the fact that being in the same space physically is usually out of the question.

At times people are led to do something together for a while.. To create something, or build something. Or they are led to say something to someone only once.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is that my time online, is just that…time online. And i don’t know anything beyond that.

I do know however, that i am sticking to a plan, which is God’s plan, and not my plan. And that is who i will continue to listen to.

So i don’t know exactly what is going to happen here, or anywhere else for that matter. But i know that that there will always be change.

The change i have been noticing in my blogging is that i read less. I was trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs because i like the people. But, some people post long and often and i just could not keep up. And so i stopped reading some and i’m reading others less often. It’s a gradual change, but, i see it happening.

I have exchanged a few postal addresses over the years with some bloggers, so some communication now has that added perspective. I don’t know if it will replace other types or not, it is just another gradual change that i have noticed happening.


there is poetry everywhere
feel the rhythm of the day
play with your work
and work with your play
traffic lights change
from red to green
with yellow
in between
swings sway
as children play
people talk and eat
while walking
down the street
printers print
fingers move
phones ring
get in the groove
is there

have a little fun with the folks over at the tweetspeak blog.
the post, by poet and novelst glynn young, is titled “poetry at work day.”
january 15th ~ the day that work and poetry collide.

the rest of the story . post 7

Every time i went to the dining hall for a meal, i would sit with someone i had not sat with before to be able to meet more of the people who were attending. My roommate and i would walk to meals together and then split up. It was something we did without any conversation about it. Our relationship was very easy and comfortable. On the last night we did actually sit together though.

Later on Saturday evening, i made my way to the studios thinking that it would be nice to hang out there awhile. No one was there, i went in and spent some time opening the cabinets, looking at all the supplies. After that i cleaned up around the sink a bit washing some brushes out. I spotted a pile of cd’s, so i put on some music. It was relaxing just puttering around. I found some pastels and some paper, and found a space to play, and did a little piece about a vessel and light, and then cleaned up what i had gotten out. I was going to turn off the music when a younger man came in for a few minutes and then left. I was pretty much done, washed my hands, took my paper, and turned out the lights. The studios are on the far side of the Cody center, and i decided to go through the center on my way back. Going into the entry, i put the pastel on one of the stone wall shelves. The wall is made of stone and there are a few stones that are part of the wall but stick out a bit like a shelf. Leaving the pastel there was one more little art surprise to add to all the others, that had appeared over the weekend, before going home in the morning.

As i headed out the other side of the Cody center i saw the lights of the fireplace area through the trees and could hear some music and voices. I had not joined in on the late night gathering yet, so this was my last chance. I started up the path about five steps and the lights in the trees around me went out. I couldn’t see my feet, i couldn’t even see my hands. It was really dark. I thought…well maybe if I’m careful i can make it down the path. Two steps and i ran into a big rock. At that point i started to consider plan B. I turned around and there were still lights on in the entry area of the Cody center so i carefully made my way back there and went in.

Then it came to me…sticky tack! When i was looking for the sticky tack on Saturday i opened every drawer and looked all around the office. I remembered seeing matches in a drawer and a candle in a little vase on a desk in the office. The door was unlocked, so i went in and got them, brought them out and lit the candle. I started for the path and the light was in my eyes, so i held the candle up above my head and could see down the path just far enough to take about three steps. Perfecto. I walked down the path thinking…this is not my light, but, it is my light.  Ah…this is shining my light, that is not me. This is seeing just far enough to take a couple of steps. This is holding up the light that i am given…my Light that is Jesus.

I followed the path to the clearing, joined the group, put the candle on the table and enjoyed the company and music, until it was time for me to hit the hay. It was good.

And that’s the rest of the story.

I left Laity, to travel back to Oregon, refreshed and with new thoughts.

Thanks to all who planned and worked and cooked and made beds and were just plain caring.

story . post 6

.On Saturday, Bruce Herman spoke again in the great hall. He had a lot of good stuff to say, and i took a few notes. The thing is he did say something about letting our light shine. And though it wasn’t the main part of his talk, it stuck with me, and i thought it kind of strange. I mean, i’ve heard this so many times before, and it never really made much of an impact, and even this time i thought i an odd thing to say. After all Jesus is the light that shines, if anything shines from in me. David Dark also spoke and said something about letting go of the tension and letting light shine along with some other things like our particular voice and gift and way of paying attention. And there was a video on Harrison Higgins.

Later, I met a woman and was telling her of my interest in getting some ideas of things to do with with high school kids or at the community center, and she told me that i should talk to her husband, Rick, because he was a teacher. Later on i found him sitting alone and we had a great conversation. After awhile, Ivy joined in. After talking, the three of us walked to Rick’s car to help him take his art to the Cody Center. There were others in the center also setting up their art for display. I didn’t bring any with me on the flight so i watched.

While we were there, Rick was wondering if there was any sticky tack around to hang something on the wall. I looked in drawers, and found a lot of little things but, no sticky tack; i also looked around another room that looked like an office, and in a tub of stuff on a shelf, and found some blue tape, but still no sticky tack. He eventually used something or another and got the paper hung up.

There was a good turn-out of art to see. Also, all the other gathering and making of art from sticks and stones, feathers and seeds…etc…were popping up all over the place, inside and out. Every time i walked around i saw more little surprises that others had made. That part was really fun to do as well as see.

to be continued…

talk to the face

#5 from the list of seven changes


talk face to face instead of using a device

I wrote this one because i have become dependent on the devices. And i know that i’m not the only one. I think that i have this sure and instant connection to another person. And it’s pretty easy to believe this, until the person is not here anymore and all i have left is a name on my cell phone, or a picture on facebook.

Another reason is because i find myself distracted from those around me. But, if i’m speaking to people face to face, then the people around me and the people that i am with get first dibs. The phone and computer will be second in line to the face to face.

It’s great to have the convenience of the devices. But, convenience should not turn into continually having priority on my attention.


photo via flickr



A choice is made. But, it takes a person ages to realize the immensity of it. We know that it was a choice to follow Jesus. We are brought to a place of awareness that, somewhere along the line, we have made the choice that our heart knows is right. And we find that choice being renewed over and over again as our minds and hearts are being renewed.

We had no idea what changes would take place in our heart. We did not know of all the breaking and comforting; or for that matter, all the Grace.

We start a process of being retaught, sometimes forgetting just who the teacher is, we are constantly being brought back on track as God speaks to us. He speaks to our spirit with His Holy Spirit. He speaks with a soft voice to our heart. And when we don’t listen, He waits…until we are ready to listen again.

Eventually we understand that we are to listen to His voice, and to do what He says. It must be His voice. And we know His voice. Our heart has always known his voice. And still we are constantly brought back on track. That never changes.

And one day we look around and find just how much change has taken place. It can be encouraging, and sometimes scary. But, still, our heart knows that we are in good hands.

If we are quiet and we listen, we know who God is, and who we are. And we know that the immensity is a very great Love that brings us home.


continued…from yesterday’s post


( 1.. Watch life instead of television. )

I have gone through the fact that there are better things to do in time and space than to give my attention over to television. Now, for the instead part.

Watch life. Look at life. Pay attention to life.

When i just want to sit down and soak up some tube rays, i can instead look around me and take in life. Listen to the sounds that life is making. Investigate. Create a thought that is not one of my ordinary thoughts. Be creative, sly, cunning. Fly.

I’m wondering how many lonely people would not be so lonely if more people went face to face instead of face to television.


next up: #2



This is the first of seven changes that i am think-writing about.

Braun HF television receiver, Germany, 1958

1.. Watch life instead of television.

I read via wikipedia that the concept of electrically powered transmission of television images in motion was first sketched in 1878 as the telephonoscope, shortly after the invention of the telephone. At the time, it was imagined by early science fiction authors, that someday light could be transmitted over copper wires, as sounds were.

Although television become more familiar in the United States with the general public at the 1939 World’s Fair, the outbreak of World War Two prevented it from being manufactured on a large scale until after the end of the war.

I was very young when a television entered our house. It lit up the room with images dancing around in black and white. I remember watching Popeye the Sailor Man and another show with a lady holding a magic mirror saying “mirror mirror tell me today…” which i think was Romper Room.

I was hooked.

I’m still hooked. But, questioning. For a long time now, i have been wondering just how much damage this wonderful invention does in the hands of writers, programmers, marketing experts, and the advertising of big money backers. I know it’s too late to turn back but, i can at least turn it off more often.

I ask myself what difference would it make if i watched life instead of television.

I use television as a kind of escape, to relax by, a thing i can do and not think…not think, kind of like sleepwalking while sitting down. I use it as my entertaining companion that i don’t need to talk to. Actually, it lulls my brain and fills it with crap. It also does this to children. But, as an adult, i think that i’m immune. But, i’m not.

There are a few programs on our Oregon Public Broadcasting station that i don’t consider to be crap. But, still, does it align with my beliefs? Also, it’s a choice of watching the program or doing something that i am beginning to consider “real” life.

How many times do i put attention to television over someone else in the room? And if i wasn’t giving my attention over to the television, what would i be doing instead?

One could find things on television that look real, but, the television is not a real or living thing. It is not a person or an animal or even a plant. It is not something that listens and feels and reacts. It does not care about me or know me, or my family, or anyone. But, it does a fine job of telling me and my family what to be and what to buy.

Television programs and commercials do not represent what i am to be as a Christ follower.  Not even the “so called” christian programs can do this.

Just who am i listening to?

( to be continued… )




we need to care about what we do
whatever we do
caring about it
like Love
flowing out of our heart
a sweet song
pouring out from the mouth
electric current
escaping from our finger tips
our eyes speaking like soft sea waves
Love shining out of our pores like sweat
on a hot mississippi day



you will
be kissed
with the breath of life

the sun will shine
within you
fill you

just when
you think you’re lost
you will be
than before

you will find yourself
standing at my door