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( 1.. Watch life instead of television. )

I have gone through the fact that there are better things to do in time and space than to give my attention over to television. Now, for the instead part.

Watch life. Look at life. Pay attention to life.

When i just want to sit down and soak up some tube rays, i can instead look around me and take in life. Listen to the sounds that life is making. Investigate. Create a thought that is not one of my ordinary thoughts. Be creative, sly, cunning. Fly.

I’m wondering how many lonely people would not be so lonely if more people went face to face instead of face to television.


next up: #2


6 thoughts on “t.v.

  1. Wayne

    Hope your desire to watch life is going well. I am more concerned about this iPad than the TV these days. The TV can go days with no attention, can’t come close to saying the same thing about this gadget. Wish we lived closer.

  2. Ted M. Gossard

    I think some tv is okay, though it is all too easy to go overboard on anything and everything that is okay in its place. But I think you make a good, interesting point here, Nancy. I love the face to face point you make. So true. And viewing life, an interesting proposition.

    1. nancy Post author

      It is easy to go overboard on anything. It is also easy for me not to think, and to be lulled into habit instead of paying attention. I think that television is a device that my brain can become addicted to, and i go to it at certain times without even thinking. It is the lack of thinking about what i’m doing and it’s effects on my life and the life of others that is in question. The television sits in the center of many homes and acts as the focal point, baby sitter, and adult pacifier. I feel pretty sure that most of us turn it on without even a second thought. Well…
      I am having second thoughts. Most of us are given choices and minds to think about those choices. Creative minds…that are being lulled and pacified. I am called to renew my mind.

      It does not say in Romans 12 … Do not conform to the pattern of this world…except for watching NCIS when you are tired… and you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind tomorrow.
      The main message is…allow my mind to be renewed. My creative, receptive, useful mind. Do not let it be lulled. But, pay attention to the voice of God.

      It may sound like i am going too far, spilling over the edge a bit, lost my marbles. But, no.
      I think…
      yes…i think…that perhaps my marbles are being renewed.

      1. Ted M. Gossard

        Interesting thoughts, Nancy. Good. Yes, we hardly ever turn on the TV, but I can be influenced by the world just as much in other ways, ways that seem good in some respects. Just no escape from that, as those who are in the world, but not of it.


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