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(highway along rr tracks and the coloumbia river, between oregon and washington, in the george.)


i am no longer into group blog postings…
such as linking my posts to a group posting at someone’s blog.

i am not into promoting something for sale.

i am not into promoting groups.

this blog is for expression and communication that has nothing to do with sales, groups, or clubs.

this blog is for communication that sees people,
sees each as a unique soul,
and sees each as Loved.

i like creativity, sharing, kindness, and encouragement…

on a personal level.

i’m finding that this is the place where the rubber meets the road.


you crack me up


some of you already know my first name and my second name, however, i have chosen to start going by my third, out of four, names. my four names are nancy marie davis rosback. that is the truth. if i had made something up, it wouldn’t be those four names. the last name is my married name, it was once spelled rossbach, but got americanized. anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know that i have chosen to go by “davis” rosback. i like the name. my husband has always called me davis. and my friends in high school all called me davis. i have changed it on much of the online places, where i can. otherwise i will try and leave a note in the other places were it’s harder to change. the one i am not sure of is my email address…i might deal with that one later.
the above photo is from yesterday. i made four big, thin crackers for the first time. i have made thicker, heartier ones before, but, not the thin ones that are crispy. peter said that he would rather have these than store-bought crackers. they were actually pretty easy to make. i like the way i can “crack” smaller pieces off of the larger one.  after they were done baking, i laid them on the oven racks and left them in the warm oven with the door “cracked” open. that kept them nice and crispy.



calendars can tell us
names and numbers,
when to schedule the dentist appointments,
when to schedule the vacation,
when to schedule the good or horrible things that we think we need to do.
we schedule,
we dream,
we plan,
but we can’t write love on our own heart.