… (highway along rr tracks and the coloumbia river, between oregon and washington, in the george.) change: i am no longer into group blog postings…such as linking my posts to a group posting at someone’s blog. i am not into promoting something for sale. i am not into promoting groups. this blog is for expression…


… art  is  a word  that  some people use for  expression  some people use for  exclusion  some people use for  everything  .


…. what you see  has a lot to do with listening to what your heart is hearing .

the rose

… what is it about a rose the fold of petals dark red and velvet that speaks of Love so deep .


.. receive with an open heart hold with an open hand .

looking and seeing

.. there is beauty and ugliness in most everything we see.sometimes one must look past the beauty to see the ugliness,and sometimes one must look past the ugliness to see the beauty.we often see what we are looking for. .


.. there exists unrivaled beauty,  beheld only through the eyes of humility .


.. am i to find what beauty is foror am i meant to find itwithin this brokenness waitingfor the momenti see itas it is .

you crack me up

.. some of you already know my first name and my second name, however, i have chosen to start going by my third, out of four, names. my four names are nancy marie davis rosback. that is the truth. if i had made something up, it wouldn’t be those four names. the last name is…


.. the cat wants inside. when she gets in she realizes that she’s still hungry and wants out again. nothing’s good until she gets her morning chow. .