not a list

i can only dream of the big city lightsfilling the sky scraped and flowingalong the curbs come splashingyellow cabs swerving honkingholding on for your lifeon the streetsred light places going greenkeep it moving on down the roadno parking here, manit’s a loading zone

of old new york

i only dreamof big citysky scrapedinto streetsof yellow cabsflowingswervinghonkinglife on thestreetsred lightsgreenkeep movingquicklyno parkingit’sa loadingzone linked at friday poetically with brian miller.brian is in new york for the shorty awards


thursdayis the dayi wheel the fulltrash can to the endof the laneand set itnot too close to the roadand not too far from the roadso thatthe big arm on the truck will pick it upand dumpthe rejectedstuff into it’s holdand set itback down empty