some objections

impulses… the desire to act in a certain way. we know that we ought to behave in a certain way…yet we know that we often decide not to behave in that way. i know that “ought.”  and it is not just what i have learned from momand dad.  i have to admit that there is…

washing feet

I. we all have a little somethin’ to share in each moment of being.each of us… is the only one… that is standing in the place we are standing,or have come through the same things we have come through,the only one that has that “one” point of placement in “each” moment.that makes each of us unique in the gifts…

rainbow heart

i meet people online that are open to sharing.  we have the desire to share and communicate in common, and writing online is one of the ways that we do that. by way of my interest in poetry, i met tiger windwalker on twitter.  he often tweets short poems called haiku, and has a good…

not a list

i can only dream of the big city lightsfilling the sky scraped and flowingalong the curbs come splashingyellow cabs swerving honkingholding on for your lifeon the streetsred light places going greenkeep it moving on down the roadno parking here, manit’s a loading zone

of old new york

i only dreamof big citysky scrapedinto streetsof yellow cabsflowingswervinghonkinglife on thestreetsred lightsgreenkeep movingquicklyno parkingit’sa loadingzone linked at friday poetically with brian miller.brian is in new york for the shorty awards




thursdayis the dayi wheel the fulltrash can to the endof the laneand set itnot too close to the roadand not too far from the roadso thatthe big arm on the truck will pick it upand dumpthe rejectedstuff into it’s holdand set itback down empty

book discussion . week 1

i put the book on hold in my library system right away.because i wanted to take part in the book discussion today.and today is the day i was able to pick it up. i see that the book is divided into five books.the first book being, right and wrong as a clue to the meaning of…


. photoindianapolis museum of artjuly 2010 how am i loved… let me count the ways.

get ready…

. get set. i found this big sidewalk that had white lines and yellow numbers.there were some people walking and running on it.though i don’t know why they were running, because the sidewalkdidn’t go anywhere but around in a circle.i guess some people just want to get back to where they started fromas quick as they can….

. blueskylullaby singsgentlerest withina heartthankful .