some objections

impulses… the desire to act in a certain way.

we know that we ought to behave in a certain way…
yet we know that we often decide not to behave in that way.

i know that “ought.”  and it is not just what i have learned from mom
and dad.  i have to admit that there is always a quiet yet persistent voice
speaking what my heart seems to recognize as truth, as fact.  it is a real
voice to me, and not my own voice.  a voice that i believe to be of God.

i have a belief that there is truth apart from me, and truth that speaks to
me of right and goodness, and that the voice is the voice of the ultimate
goodness of God.

it can be very frustrating when i want something, the Spirit is
continuing to urge that i ought not to act or even think on it, and i don’t
want to listen.  i have learned that not to listen takes me on a side track,
a detour of the learning kind.  what a heart struggle it can be when my
need and my impulses gang up together and i try to ignore God’ voice.
never a good choice… i continue to find this out, over an over again.

there is a difference between the belief
of God as the righteous truth, and the
belief in humans producing their own
morality, right and truth.

there lies the gap we shall always face.
there lies the constant struggle to listen
and believe and act.

there lies our broken human will and God’s will.
there lies the thoughts of our selves and others that cause us to rise-up
against one another.

the link of this post is joined with other links 
of those taking part in reading the book 
“mere christianity” by c.s. lewis, at the blog of jason stasyszen.

10 thoughts on “some objections

  1. Helen

    I agree. That voice is what I think Lewis was talking about. I, too, believe it is in everyone. Sometimes I fail to listen, to obey, but that does not negate the existence of his voice.

  2. Duane Scott

    here is a difference between the beliefof God as the righteous truth, and thebelief in humans producing their ownmorality, right and truth.Where is the LIKE button?

  3. Sarah Salter

    There are two voices we can choose to listen to: the voice of the Spirit or the voice of the flesh. The Good Shepherd has the voice of the Spirit and His sheep know His voice. Oh, Lord, that I would always listen and obey!

  4. Glynn

    You summarized what Lewis was saying – and you did it well. There's a huge difference between the righteousness that comes from God and the righteousness we create for ourselves. Good post, Nancy.


    I don't always seem to listen as close as you.. More often I am in the flow, not really struggling as much with decisions… Just hoping to do the right thing, knowing I won't always get it right. But sometimes I do.

  6. Dusty Rayburn

    God is not a compass pointing the way to truth… He is Truth. May we in our lives be the compasses pointing accurately to Him for in Him alone is righteousness and absolute truth.I enjoyed reading your perspective and look forward to next week.


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