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in the light


i wonder…what makes people perceive something as beautiful.

sometimes something just needs a new name, or to be hung on a clean, white wall so that people can look at it in a new way.


I have been blogging for many years, and i have changed blogs, made new blogs, gone from blogger to wordpress and now both. I have three blogs at the moment. It has been interesting to say the least.

Writing on a blog has shown me that there are other people in the world that have some of the same interests as me. Through other bloggers i have learned what words can do. I have been encouraged and Loved in the many comments that have come my way.

People have come and gone, just like in any other part of my life. There is a time for everything. Everything has a season in our lives. I have found that to be true online that same as anywhere else. Except for the fact that being in the same space physically is usually out of the question.

At times people are led to do something together for a while.. To create something, or build something. Or they are led to say something to someone only once.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is that my time online, is just that…time online. And i don’t know anything beyond that.

I do know however, that i am sticking to a plan, which is God’s plan, and not my plan. And that is who i will continue to listen to.

So i don’t know exactly what is going to happen here, or anywhere else for that matter. But i know that that there will always be change.

The change i have been noticing in my blogging is that i read less. I was trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs because i like the people. But, some people post long and often and i just could not keep up. And so i stopped reading some and i’m reading others less often. It’s a gradual change, but, i see it happening.

I have exchanged a few postal addresses over the years with some bloggers, so some communication now has that added perspective. I don’t know if it will replace other types or not, it is just another gradual change that i have noticed happening.


there is poetry everywhere
feel the rhythm of the day
play with your work
and work with your play
traffic lights change
from red to green
with yellow
in between
swings sway
as children play
people talk and eat
while walking
down the street
printers print
fingers move
phones ring
get in the groove
is there

have a little fun with the folks over at the tweetspeak blog.
the post, by poet and novelst glynn young, is titled “poetry at work day.”
january 15th ~ the day that work and poetry collide.

fall back


I was on my way home, and as i came around the corner by the Allison, the sun broke through the grey clouds and lit up the drops of rain that were clinging to the red blueberry bush leaves. (The sun doesn’t shine much in the Yamhill Valley from the beginning of November until May.) I pulled the car over as far to the right as i could and parked the car. I didn’t capture that droplet shine except on the far right of the shot a bit. But i do like the layers starting with grass, blueberries, grass, hazelnuts (filberts), douglas firs, the hills and the clouds.

the rest of the story . post 7

Every time i went to the dining hall for a meal, i would sit with someone i had not sat with before to be able to meet more of the people who were attending. My roommate and i would walk to meals together and then split up. It was something we did without any conversation about it. Our relationship was very easy and comfortable. On the last night we did actually sit together though.

Later on Saturday evening, i made my way to the studios thinking that it would be nice to hang out there awhile. No one was there, i went in and spent some time opening the cabinets, looking at all the supplies. After that i cleaned up around the sink a bit washing some brushes out. I spotted a pile of cd’s, so i put on some music. It was relaxing just puttering around. I found some pastels and some paper, and found a space to play, and did a little piece about a vessel and light, and then cleaned up what i had gotten out. I was going to turn off the music when a younger man came in for a few minutes and then left. I was pretty much done, washed my hands, took my paper, and turned out the lights. The studios are on the far side of the Cody center, and i decided to go through the center on my way back. Going into the entry, i put the pastel on one of the stone wall shelves. The wall is made of stone and there are a few stones that are part of the wall but stick out a bit like a shelf. Leaving the pastel there was one more little art surprise to add to all the others, that had appeared over the weekend, before going home in the morning.

As i headed out the other side of the Cody center i saw the lights of the fireplace area through the trees and could hear some music and voices. I had not joined in on the late night gathering yet, so this was my last chance. I started up the path about five steps and the lights in the trees around me went out. I couldn’t see my feet, i couldn’t even see my hands. It was really dark. I thought…well maybe if I’m careful i can make it down the path. Two steps and i ran into a big rock. At that point i started to consider plan B. I turned around and there were still lights on in the entry area of the Cody center so i carefully made my way back there and went in.

Then it came to me…sticky tack! When i was looking for the sticky tack on Saturday i opened every drawer and looked all around the office. I remembered seeing matches in a drawer and a candle in a little vase on a desk in the office. The door was unlocked, so i went in and got them, brought them out and lit the candle. I started for the path and the light was in my eyes, so i held the candle up above my head and could see down the path just far enough to take about three steps. Perfecto. I walked down the path thinking…this is not my light, but, it is my light.  Ah…this is shining my light, that is not me. This is seeing just far enough to take a couple of steps. This is holding up the light that i am given…my Light that is Jesus.

I followed the path to the clearing, joined the group, put the candle on the table and enjoyed the company and music, until it was time for me to hit the hay. It was good.

And that’s the rest of the story.

I left Laity, to travel back to Oregon, refreshed and with new thoughts.

Thanks to all who planned and worked and cooked and made beds and were just plain caring.

story . post 6

.On Saturday, Bruce Herman spoke again in the great hall. He had a lot of good stuff to say, and i took a few notes. The thing is he did say something about letting our light shine. And though it wasn’t the main part of his talk, it stuck with me, and i thought it kind of strange. I mean, i’ve heard this so many times before, and it never really made much of an impact, and even this time i thought i an odd thing to say. After all Jesus is the light that shines, if anything shines from in me. David Dark also spoke and said something about letting go of the tension and letting light shine along with some other things like our particular voice and gift and way of paying attention. And there was a video on Harrison Higgins.

Later, I met a woman and was telling her of my interest in getting some ideas of things to do with with high school kids or at the community center, and she told me that i should talk to her husband, Rick, because he was a teacher. Later on i found him sitting alone and we had a great conversation. After awhile, Ivy joined in. After talking, the three of us walked to Rick’s car to help him take his art to the Cody Center. There were others in the center also setting up their art for display. I didn’t bring any with me on the flight so i watched.

While we were there, Rick was wondering if there was any sticky tack around to hang something on the wall. I looked in drawers, and found a lot of little things but, no sticky tack; i also looked around another room that looked like an office, and in a tub of stuff on a shelf, and found some blue tape, but still no sticky tack. He eventually used something or another and got the paper hung up.

There was a good turn-out of art to see. Also, all the other gathering and making of art from sticks and stones, feathers and seeds…etc…were popping up all over the place, inside and out. Every time i walked around i saw more little surprises that others had made. That part was really fun to do as well as see.

to be continued…

story . post 5

David Dark spoke to us about finite and infinite games, honest struggle, not holding to tightly to one’s identity. Sarah Dark and Matthew Perryman Jones sang and played all weekend. David and Sarah, and Matthew are very creative and talented. I’m really glad that they were there to share with us.

In the building called the Cody Center hung several works painted by Bruce Herman. They were done in warm colours and gold leaf. My photos don’t very well show the depth or  luminosity of the actual work.


to be continued…

story . post 3

continued from:  post 1, post 2

This is a photo of Steve getting his Chief Scout Executive Pin from Tim, the Deputy Chief Scout. Okay, so maybe it’s actually a microphone, but it should be a pin.

Steven spoke to us, telling us just to pay attention, slow down, be present for one another. Yep, he knew that he was talking to a room full of artists, and that anything more structured would be like trying to herd cats. He was in for a busy weekend, and totally up to the task.

Tim spoke too, and told us a story about a monk and a garden which led up to telling us to ask for what we need. Steve has been at Laity for ten years and he knows the ropes. If you want to hear the monk and garden story, you will have to ask Tim.

Reed, the english lit. grad. who grew up around Laity, was introduced, along with the very lovely and kind Ivy. Don’t let the loveliness of Ivy fool you, she is also very strong and smart; so watch out, baby.

Then Bruce Herman spoke for a few minutes.

This is a photo of Bruce listening. I didn’t get one of him speaking, but, he is good at both. One of the things he mentioned was for us to pick up things, like stones or feathers, and assemble them, make something. Also to look and be present. He talked about making and breaking and some things about the empty vessel.

After that, some people gathered at the outdoor fireplace room. My roommate went and had a great time. I was too tired and chose to sleep. I didn’t even hear her come in later, she was so very quiet.


continued…post 4