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I have been blogging for many years, and i have changed blogs, made new blogs, gone from blogger to wordpress and now both. I have three blogs at the moment. It has been interesting to say the least.

Writing on a blog has shown me that there are other people in the world that have some of the same interests as me. Through other bloggers i have learned what words can do. I have been encouraged and Loved in the many comments that have come my way.

People have come and gone, just like in any other part of my life. There is a time for everything. Everything has a season in our lives. I have found that to be true online that same as anywhere else. Except for the fact that being in the same space physically is usually out of the question.

At times people are led to do something together for a while.. To create something, or build something. Or they are led to say something to someone only once.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is that my time online, is just that…time online. And i don’t know anything beyond that.

I do know however, that i am sticking to a plan, which is God’s plan, and not my plan. And that is who i will continue to listen to.

So i don’t know exactly what is going to happen here, or anywhere else for that matter. But i know that that there will always be change.

The change i have been noticing in my blogging is that i read less. I was trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs because i like the people. But, some people post long and often and i just could not keep up. And so i stopped reading some and i’m reading others less often. It’s a gradual change, but, i see it happening.

I have exchanged a few postal addresses over the years with some bloggers, so some communication now has that added perspective. I don’t know if it will replace other types or not, it is just another gradual change that i have noticed happening.

been there and back

It was one quick trip to San Francisco.
Though my flight left ninety minutes late, I was there in time for lunch.
I had never taken BART before. I got on the red line that took me right
to the BART station at SFO. There are about four or five machines where
one can buy a ticket to a certain destination. I bought a ticket to the Powell
Street station, and followed the group down one flight to the platform and
got on the train. I got off at the Powell Street station. After finding my way
outside i just stood there taking it all in. Blasting street performers with a guy
yelling over huge loudspeakers in non-english, buses, cars, people, and a
very long line for the cable car. I stood in the ticket line for about fifteen
minutes with no movement and gave up. Deciding to walk over a few
blocks to SFMOMA, the museum of modern art, where i got a bite to eat
out on the sidewalk eating area.Then inside to have a look. It was good to
be inside the museum seeing some art for awhile, and kinda strange to be
chased-down for talking on my cell phone. After awhile i was wanting to
get back out in the fine weather, all sunny and in the sixties.

I walked around taking photos. And later met Peter’s brother. He lives with
his wife in a condo in the downtown area. We went to dinner and ate
family style Chinese, sharing the dishes.

After dinner, saw the condo, took shots of the view, and then off for a
walk to my hotel.

The next day…all driving, back home. It took me about ten hours or so.


I started a virtual Photo Gallery.

There will be photos of my trip displayed there.

click ☞  PHoto GaLLery

…..One photo Per post.

…….ONe post per day-isH

………Link-up and view a few.

it was

July 2, 3, and 4
three days of driving
two hotel stays
from the middle of indiana
to newberg oregon
2260 miles
fields of
pit stops
gas stations
rest areas
beautiful sunsets
smoke from large fires
angus grazing
one small living antelope
several dead deer
red bolders
rolling hills
large mountains
watered valleys
desert land
cities from afar
a great salt lake
rivers small
dry and
npr on the radio
when i could get it

Day 2

Sage brush
Through Idaho
Sage brush
Through Utah
Sage brush
With purple
And yellow flowers
Rose cliffs
Before a golden sunset

For the night
Barely into Wyoming