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mere christianity . by csLewis
the three – personal God

i read this chapter, twice. 
there were a few things that i could agree with but, most of
what read… i seemed whacked out.  like a “this is your brain on
drugs” kind of thing.  i don’t even have the energy to go into it.




Today i am a Guest at the High Calling FOCUS.

And my post is called “Grey Areas: From Film to Fiddling”

I do a lot of fiddling and…yes, i find that life has many grey areas.  Many shades of grey.  Times when we don’t see the right from the wrong, the up from the down.  Things that are good can appear awful, and vice versa.  Walk in the company of the Lord.  Your soul will be refreshed, your heart will be renewed.  Much like photography, we look through the lens and focus, and we begin to see everything differently.

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beyond a midsummer’s dream


just what is this season
between summer and fall
when it seems that time stands still
or there was never time at all

the tall grass stands golden
in the haze of silent sun
and i wish that i were young
once more

the earth will turn
upon blue winter

the chill
of death will sting
and splinter

then from
this dreamy daze
He shall wake me

from this
beguiling place
He will take me

hand in hand
we will go

and we will walk
in golden grass
and talk of many

the hush will turn
to music
i will hear angels

i will understand
the mystery
and contented
i will be

existing in
the rapture
of His Love

rewrite 8/28
added lines are words from lovely comments.
thank you.

lines and signs


What do you think about share buttons at the bottom of a blog post?  I like belly buttons, and clothes buttons, and the buttons on the phone (even though dial phones were much cooler).  At first the  share buttons appeared to be just plain ugly.  Over time i began to accept the ease in which things could be shared.  And yet, sharing can take place fairly easily without them.  Still, i am just not sure about those silly buttons.
It makes me think about how we see our self and how others see us.  How we can easily step over a line and not realize it for awhile.  There is one line i cross over constantly.
You know “that line” we cross… from the side, of trusting and doing, over to the side, of trying to control.
Have you ever seen street business where a flag appears out front?  Then a banner may be hung up.  Oh, and then why not a few more little signs?  Maybe the merchandise makes it way outside.   Before long it starts to look like a yard sale.  Yet, they are actually all pre-going-out-of-business signs.  And it isn’t long before the place closes it’s doors.
This is an example how we can try too hard to control something.  We can be fooled, and yet not everyone else is fooled along with us.  There are a few others that can sometimes see what the signs mean before we do.  But, usually they don’t say anything to us.  We might not listen if they did.  We would probably just get angry or offended.  Oh, yeah.  I’ve done this too.
What i guess i am saying here, is that
sometimes, we just try too hard to control…and that can be a sign.  
A sign
we have
a line.

p.s.  It is mainly a sign to have a talk with the Lord.  Sometimes we need to let something go, it could be letting worry go, or letting something else go.  Sometimes we need to receive something, like advice or help in what we are doing.  God will lead us in this.




photo from flicker, with crop and tint

Yes, sometimes i get tired of my own stuff so when i saw the old typewriter image on flicker, i scooped it up and started to play with it a bit.  A little cropping and a bit of tint was all.  But, i would not want anyone to think that it was my piece of work, because it’s not.
I like it when people share.  Especially when they share ideas and art.  I understand that there is an extreme to not sharing and an extreme to using.  What i am talking about a kind of exchange that is amicable.  Where one person is not opposed to sharing an idea, and another person uses it in a new way that does not take advantage of the person that shared.
For example, let’s say that i showed five people an idea and told them to do a piece of their own art with that idea in mind.  I am certain that there would be five new and different pieces of art that did not look at all like the original.  In that case, i would see these as being done by the five artists.
Ideas are reprocessed and changed, and they become new ideas.  Then those ideas lead to new ideas.  If you are not going to use an idea…you don’t have to keep it to yourself.  You can share it with others.  Maybe even create something with another person or a group of people. 




Above is this week’s “free download” shot from iStockphoto.

I’m looking at the iStockphoto web site this morning.  Actually, i’m going through the training manual as to what they expect for stock photos and getting the idea that they need to be very direct and clean.  Great for the use intended, and to sell as stock photos.  And yet, in their perfection they can present the unreal as real.  I like photos to appear unreal, yet, i get kind of tired looking for, and seeing, plastic perfection ( in a “this is what your life should look like” kind of way).  Though, i don’t think that all the photos that iStockphoto accepts are plastic perfection, they are certainly in the advertising art genre.  I am going to continue to look through and see what i can learn in the process.


Continued Reading

Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis

When this book was written, there was a popular idea that he wrote about, that is similar to ideas of today.
“For when you get down to it, is not the popular idea of Christianity simply this: that Jesus Christ was a great moral teacher and that if only we took His advice we might be able to establish a better social order and avoid another war? “
Well, this lie may have just enough truth to it to make the whole thing seem true.  Yet, it is a lie.
Jesus does teach us.
However, Jesus was not just another teacher.
Jesus the Christ is the Son of God.
Jesus gives us much more than advice.
He speaks to us of new life, in Him, with the Spirit of God.
A Christian Life is for living, now and forever, with God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
A life that involves the body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul in communion with God.
You can ask Jesus to show Himself to you.  He knows your heart.


10 Top Travel Tips


Ten traveling tips for visiting the land of Childhood.

1.  Pretending is a way of life.
2.  You can dance, sing, laugh, cry, and sleep anywhere and at anytime.
3.  You can spit out things that don’t taste good.
4.  You can colour outside the lines.
5.  You can sit under tables.
6.  You can wear any colour and pattern of clothes that you like.
7.  You do not need to know how to tell time.
8.  Reading is optional.
9.  Making up stories is encouraged.
10.  Making up words is also good.

*check with the nearest child for more information and tips.


in the vineyard

Have you ever worked in a vineyard?  We have a small vineyard at our house.  It was planted just a little bit before we started to build the house.  That should give you a hint about my husband’s priorities.  
This morning, while it was cool, i decided to have a go at trimming the vines.  The grapes are a bit behind this year.  The set was good, because the weather was dry when the grape flowers opened.  But, then the weather turned cool and stayed that way.
Anyway, i thought i knew how to trim back grape vines, you know, just cut them back.  Well, after all these years, i learned a bit more.  Thing is, that knowing these few things made a difference in what i cut.
I found out that these leaves only process the sunlight to energy for around sixty days.  And of course the older leaves are much bigger and darker than the new leaves and they tend to shade the grapes too much, as grapes need the sun to ripen. 
I also learned there is something called a “second set,” where new flowers try to form new bunches.  These can really drain a lot of energy that should be going into the grapes.
The next little bit of information was that that each grape cluster needs ten leaves to provide for it.
And the last thing i learned was the reason for why i have always cut the new growth off of the tops of the vines.  I was informed that they can cast shade on the grapes of the next row.
So as i was cutting, i was thinking of these things.  Cutting back the large dark leaves from around the grapes, picking away the little flower bunches (lots of perfume for such a small flower), trimming back long growth off the top of the row,  picking back other big, old leaves farther up (but not too many), and either cutting-off or tucking-in vines that were growing out sideways because they shade the grapes.
I thought that maybe this would possibly help our grapes to ripen, since they are so far behind this year.
There were also grape plants in the columbia gorge that got frozen this winter, and they will not produce a crop at all this year.
I have a few more rows to go.  Tomorrow morning, perhaps.