lines and signs


What do you think about share buttons at the bottom of a blog post?  I like belly buttons, and clothes buttons, and the buttons on the phone (even though dial phones were much cooler).  At first the  share buttons appeared to be just plain ugly.  Over time i began to accept the ease in which things could be shared.  And yet, sharing can take place fairly easily without them.  Still, i am just not sure about those silly buttons.
It makes me think about how we see our self and how others see us.  How we can easily step over a line and not realize it for awhile.  There is one line i cross over constantly.
You know “that line” we cross… from the side, of trusting and doing, over to the side, of trying to control.
Have you ever seen street business where a flag appears out front?  Then a banner may be hung up.  Oh, and then why not a few more little signs?  Maybe the merchandise makes it way outside.   Before long it starts to look like a yard sale.  Yet, they are actually all pre-going-out-of-business signs.  And it isn’t long before the place closes it’s doors.
This is an example how we can try too hard to control something.  We can be fooled, and yet not everyone else is fooled along with us.  There are a few others that can sometimes see what the signs mean before we do.  But, usually they don’t say anything to us.  We might not listen if they did.  We would probably just get angry or offended.  Oh, yeah.  I’ve done this too.
What i guess i am saying here, is that
sometimes, we just try too hard to control…and that can be a sign.  
A sign
we have
a line.

p.s.  It is mainly a sign to have a talk with the Lord.  Sometimes we need to let something go, it could be letting worry go, or letting something else go.  Sometimes we need to receive something, like advice or help in what we are doing.  God will lead us in this.


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