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You take something in. And in the way that you communicate this to someone else, this is your art. Everyone does this. Relating is creating.

Everyone will contain things with labels. We must often look beyond the labels to see.

There will be people saying that only some people do art. But that is a lie.




you will
be kissed
with the breath of life

the sun will shine
within you
fill you

just when
you think you’re lost
you will be
than before

you will find yourself
standing at my door





Sunday afternoon found us in Cine Magic Theatre on East Hawthorne Street in Portland. Casey and i went to see Moonrise Kingdom.  I recommend that you see it if you can.

One man brought his very well behaved dog with him.  A regular dog, not trained to lead.  The man and dog were companions. Hawthorne is a very special area of town. Part of me would like to live there. It’s funky good. One has to go there to understand. Words just can’t do a job that requires personal experience.  Very much like the movie i would say.





Saturday evening i went to see an outdoor concert.  It’s been awhile since i have attended such an event.  Long enough that i realized that, with age, i no longer want to get to a place early to ensure a place to sit, and i wouldn’t want to pay extra to stand in a sea of arm pits, and last but not least, i don’t care to attend a concert with the scent of porta-potty in the breeze.

It was a beautiful evening.  I left early and enjoyed the drive home.


postcards . one

I just started a line of postcards.
There is one postcard in my line of postcards…so far, that is.

The image is a pastel work by Valerie Kamikubo called “Pomegranate.”
It’s a beautiful, warm image for winter correspondence.

Some of you may know Valerie from her blog.




fire and weed
a burning splendor
erasing sameness
a ceremony
of heartbeat and heat
licking sweat from my lips
picking words from my tongue
the season is ripe
with the sun