Sunday afternoon found us in Cine Magic Theatre on East Hawthorne Street in Portland. Casey and i went to see Moonrise Kingdom.  I recommend that you see it if you can.

One man brought his very well behaved dog with him.  A regular dog, not trained to lead.  The man and dog were companions. Hawthorne is a very special area of town. Part of me would like to live there. It’s funky good. One has to go there to understand. Words just can’t do a job that requires personal experience.  Very much like the movie i would say.


5 thoughts on “hawthorne

  1. shrinkingthecamel

    I am sure I would like Hawthorne, and I am sure I would like Moonrise Kingdom. And i am quite sure I would have liked the dog. I just came back from Provincetown, MA (tip of Cape Cod). Also very funky good. Maybe a little too good, according to some people.


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