Sunday afternoon found us in Cine Magic Theatre on East Hawthorne Street in Portland. Casey and i went to see Moonrise Kingdom.  I recommend that you see it if you can.

One man brought his very well behaved dog with him.  A regular dog, not trained to lead.  The man and dog were companions. Hawthorne is a very special area of town. Part of me would like to live there. It’s funky good. One has to go there to understand. Words just can’t do a job that requires personal experience.  Very much like the movie i would say.


virtual collection

Now that i have collected my thoughts, i realize that i have
collected other things besides stones. For instance i have a
virtual collection that also serves as communication. And
no, it’s not my blog, even though it fits the description.

The collection i am referring to is where i actually found
the photograph above of the pink stamps. The answer is
my collection of boards and pins at Pinterest. I have for
the most part collected images of art. And that is mainly
what i look at there. I follow the boards of other people
that are also into looking at art. It is the best place that
I have found see some of the artwork that is being done
around the world, and even better if i follow back to the
site where the art was found and/or look up the artist.

So if you have an interest in seeing the collection that i
have at Pinterest, have a look here.

I am in the process of deleting some of the collection and
keeping only what i like to look at.

photo via pinterest

Just ART and keep on ARTING

photo of Sydney’s arting of apples and dough.

Art is from base ar- fit together, join (see arm). 
Ger. art – manner, mode. 
Armenian arnam – make. 
L. artus – joint.
artizen – to prepare

I’m getting the idea that ART is very much about the doing… and not something that is finished.  
When i fit together, prepare, make, and create… i ART. 
THat stuff that i hang on the wall is what is left-over from art.
Everyone ARTs.
If i am viewing ART, then i’m watching the… making, preparing, and putting together.
While i am writing this post i am ARTing.
I like to ART paint on canvas.
I also like to ART food for eating.
I even like to ART sheets and covers on my bed for sleeping.


I am thinking that perhaps a trip to the Portland art museum would be a good trip to make one day this week, if Cj wants to go. If she doesn’t, i may go yon anyway. It tends to clear some cobwebs when i step away from my usual environment.

Fort those who are visiting, i am wondering if you would tell me some of the places that you like to go, in your area. Places that help clear the gossamer threads.