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Sunday afternoon found us in Cine Magic Theatre on East Hawthorne Street in Portland. Casey and i went to see Moonrise Kingdom.  I recommend that you see it if you can.

One man brought his very well behaved dog with him.  A regular dog, not trained to lead.  The man and dog were companions. Hawthorne is a very special area of town. Part of me would like to live there. It’s funky good. One has to go there to understand. Words just can’t do a job that requires personal experience.  Very much like the movie i would say.


virtual collection

Now that i have collected my thoughts, i realize that i have
collected other things besides stones. For instance i have a
virtual collection that also serves as communication. And
no, it’s not my blog, even though it fits the description.

The collection i am referring to is where i actually found
the photograph above of the pink stamps. The answer is
my collection of boards and pins at Pinterest. I have for
the most part collected images of art. And that is mainly
what i look at there. I follow the boards of other people
that are also into looking at art. It is the best place that
I have found see some of the artwork that is being done
around the world, and even better if i follow back to the
site where the art was found and/or look up the artist.

So if you have an interest in seeing the collection that i
have at Pinterest, have a look here.

I am in the process of deleting some of the collection and
keeping only what i like to look at.

photo via pinterest

Just ART and keep on ARTING

photo of Sydney’s arting of apples and dough.

Art is from base ar- fit together, join (see arm). 
Ger. art – manner, mode. 
Armenian arnam – make. 
L. artus – joint.
artizen – to prepare

I’m getting the idea that ART is very much about the doing… and not something that is finished.  
When i fit together, prepare, make, and create… i ART. 
THat stuff that i hang on the wall is what is left-over from art.
Everyone ARTs.
If i am viewing ART, then i’m watching the… making, preparing, and putting together.
While i am writing this post i am ARTing.
I like to ART paint on canvas.
I also like to ART food for eating.
I even like to ART sheets and covers on my bed for sleeping.


I am thinking that perhaps a trip to the Portland art museum would be a good trip to make one day this week, if Cj wants to go. If she doesn’t, i may go yon anyway. It tends to clear some cobwebs when i step away from my usual environment.

Fort those who are visiting, i am wondering if you would tell me some of the places that you like to go, in your area. Places that help clear the gossamer threads.

just one bite . maria kalman


self portrait
a woman, an artist
October 2010 article in Wmagazine  
November 10, 2011. Video . Michael Pollan and Maria Kalman Go Grocery Shopping
Illustration by Kalman for “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan
Illustration from “And the Pursuit of Happiness” Kalman Blogs, The New York Times 12/31/09
Illustration from “And the Pursuit of Happiness” Kalman Blogs, The New York Times 2/26/09
For another bite, go to wikipedia.

Sunday at the Portland Art Museum

i wanted to see the lee kelly exhibit, so peter and i went to have a look.

lee kelly in his barn studio

lee kelly is a sculpture artist as well as a painter.

born in mccall, idaho, he now lives on a farm in oregon city, oregon.
he has done much traveling, as well as mountaineering in some of the
places he has traveled to.
and an opb video of lee…here

the vogel collection

we also viewed the dorothy and herbert vogel collection: fifty works

for fifty states.  meaning fifty works to each state.
it was the last day for seeing this.
more… at the vogel 50×50 web site…here

northwest regional collection

and we went up to the fourth floor to view the a regional collection,
the schnitzer center for northwest art.  we saw contemporary art by
emerging and established northwest artists.