Just ART and keep on ARTING

photo of Sydney’s arting of apples and dough.

Art is from base ar- fit together, join (see arm). 
Ger. art – manner, mode. 
Armenian arnam – make. 
L. artus – joint.
artizen – to prepare

I’m getting the idea that ART is very much about the doing… and not something that is finished.  
When i fit together, prepare, make, and create… i ART. 
THat stuff that i hang on the wall is what is left-over from art.
Everyone ARTs.
If i am viewing ART, then i’m watching the… making, preparing, and putting together.
While i am writing this post i am ARTing.
I like to ART paint on canvas.
I also like to ART food for eating.
I even like to ART sheets and covers on my bed for sleeping.

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