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What to call my self

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How do you think about yourself? I am a person, in accordance with other people, out of my own personality, and from things that I find to be interesting. Quite late in life, fairly lately that is, I found that I don’t necessarily have any control over what people think of me, no matter what I do. Just imagine. But mostly there are very few that even think of me at all.

I am thinking that people need to label and sort to be able to communicate. But labels can be a general thing. And labels are as different as each perspective.


i pick it up
look at it
check for the message
write thoughts
there is music
and books to hear
write thoughts
i could look
at this all
of my life
it is my life line
with no line
an invisible connection
my fingers touch
the glass
it lights up
my light my companion
i look at it
everything else
a blur