what is art ?

. Art is for everyone. Hey, I know it’s a small word, but it covers a lot of ground. The origin of this word gives us a look into what art is all about. It came from Gk. arti “just,” artios “complete, suitable,” artizein “to prepare;” L.artus “joint;” Armenian arnam “make;” Ger. art “manner, mode”), from root *ar- “fit together, join” . To make, prepare orContinue reading “what is art ?”

friday photo . the coffee house

The Coffee House was a home when Peter, Sydney and I first built our house in the Newberg area.  The folks that were living there were just turning the garage into a coffee place. This photo is of the garage and the covered outdoor seating. Eventually the owners moved out of the house and theContinue reading “friday photo . the coffee house”