what is art ?


Art is for everyone.

Hey, I know it’s a small word, but it covers a lot of ground.
The origin of this word gives us a look into what art is all about.

It came from

Gk. arti “just,”

artios “complete, suitable,”

artizein “to prepare;”

L.artus “joint;”

Armenian arnam “make;”

Ger. art “manner, mode”),
from root *ar- “fit together, join

To make, prepare or bring together. I would say that it’s
an important thing to do with an open heart.
This “art” sounds like relationship making, communication,
a joining of people, hearts, spirits, and things together.

It can be started by someone in the past and complete
something or connect with someone in the future.

It’s something we all do, and it seems central to how we
were made.

Now, that’s what i call art.


Okay…I  would really like it if you would tell me what you think about art…

8 thoughts on “what is art ?

    1. nancy Post author

      As i read all of these comments, it seems that we are all saying pretty much the same thing. Sharing is connecting, a conversation…connecting, a trying to paint the Sonrise…complete, connect. Relating, connecting, fitting together.


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