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.. hold my light within your eyes before i slip into the night to count the stars and not the cost of what it means to love .


. O.E. þancian “to give thanks,”  from  P.Gmc.*thankojan  (cf. O.S. thancon,  O.N. þakka,  Dan. takke,  O.Fris. thankia,  M.Du.,  Ger. danken  “to thank”),  from *thankoz “thought, gratitude,” from PIE base *tong- “to think, feel.”  For sense evolution,  cf. related O.E. noun þanc, þonc,  originally “thought,”  but by c.1000 “good thoughts, gratitude.”  The whole group is from the same root as think info. source here

The Short List

. 1. ann wood is making paper mache teacups 2. there are some new whirligigs being made at hutch studio 3. lovely face art, posted by deborah, at kickcan and conkers 4. little pieces coming together to make big art. 5. a kind gesture of a young girl. .


. i learn and learnnothing exceptthat the mostimportant remainsmysteryat myfingertips whisperingsto mysoul .

ann’s book

. i received “one thousand gifts“, a book by ann voskamp.and i started into the first few pages last night. .

somethin’…like a book

. i like books.old books, new books,even-if-i-don’t-read-them books. i ordered this book, “water paper paint“, by heather smith jones,after visiting her blog for awhile.  i like checking-in on what she’sbeen doing or seeing as it relates to art. the cover of the book actually feels like watercolour paper.the pages are soft and smoothand filled with photos….

in today’s mail

.this is a little house garland made from two 1942 children’s book being peter rabbit and the other mother goose.the creative artist is chris theiss of hutch studio in la conner, washington.i was visiting deborah at kickcan & conkers, where i noticed that she washaving a give away for the garland, so i hopped…


. we live and we die in that place between the future and the past in that place where Love lives through us in that place together with God one

dirge – dirige – direct

.Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meamDirect, O Lord, my God, my way in thy sight from the opening of the antiphon for the first nocturne on monday and thursday of matins service in the office of the dead~


“The only things we can keep are the things we freely give to God.” …….c. s. lewis..

The Short List

.. a little bit of saturday link sharing… 1. blue kimono for sleeping 2. porcelain jewelleries give away 3. poem 4. blessing and photo ..