. O.E. þancian “to give thanks,”  from  P.Gmc.*thankojan  (cf. O.S. thancon,  O.N. þakka,  Dan. takke,  O.Fris. thankia,  M.Du.,  Ger. danken  “to thank”),  from *thankoz “thought, gratitude,” from PIE base *tong- “to think, feel.”  For sense evolution,  cf. related O.E. noun þanc, þonc,  originally “thought,”  but by c.1000 “good thoughts, gratitude.”  The whole group is from the same root as think info. source here

somethin’…like a book

. i like books.old books, new books,even-if-i-don’t-read-them books. i ordered this book, “water paper paint“, by heather smith jones,after visiting her blog for awhile.  i like checking-in on what she’sbeen doing or seeing as it relates to art. the cover of the book actually feels like watercolour paper.the pages are soft and smoothand filled with photos.Continue reading “somethin’…like a book”