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O.E. þancian “to give thanks,” 

(cf. O.S. thancon
O.N. þakka
Dan. takke
O.Fris. thankia
Ger. danken 
“to thank”), 

from *thankoz “thought, gratitude,”
from PIE base *tong- “to think, feel.” 

For sense evolution, 

cf. related O.E. noun þanc, þonc

originally “thought,” 

but by c.1000 “good thoughts, gratitude.” 

The whole group is from the same root as think

info. source here

somethin’…like a book


watercolour book

i like books.
old books, new books,
even-if-i-don’t-read-them books.

i ordered this book, “water paper paint“, by heather smith jones,
after visiting her blog for awhile.  i like checking-in on what she’s
been doing or seeing as it relates to art.

the cover of the book actually feels like watercolour paper.
the pages are soft and smooth
and filled with photos.

i don’t think this one is going on the shelf right away.
it calls to be felt and looked at.


in today’s mail

this is a little house garland made from two 1942 children’s books.
one book being peter rabbit and the other mother goose.
the creative artist is chris theiss of hutch studio in la conner, washington.

i was visiting deborah at kickcan & conkers, where i noticed that she was
having a give away for the garland, so i hopped right on it.   

i was hoping to win, because i really liked it…and i did!

and now it’s here… all ready to hang :-) thanks to deborah and chris!

hutch 2

hutch 1


in me through me


God gives me His Love
though i don’t understand this Love
or deserve it
His Love lives in me
and through me
through my own empty greed
through my jealousy and anger
through my broken and tired heart
through the things i have called love
through the valley of the shadow of death
His Love is living

without God
there would be no Love

i misuse it

we all have Love
only because He is Love

His Love is everywhere
because He is everywhere

what i think of as love
in in this body and brain
is only a fraction and
usually a misinterpretation

a fabrication
i weave
out of lies
into a cover
for my sin’s desire