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time off

having a blog rest
a day 
or two 
or three
“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day 
is the rest we take between two deep breaths”
Esther Hillesum
January 15, 1914
Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 30, 1943
age 29
Auschwitz, Poland
“One of the tasks of true friendship
 is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences.
 Often secrets are not revealed in words,
they lie concealed in the silence
between the words
or in the depth
of what is unsayable
  between two people.”
January 1, 1956
Avignon, France
January 4, 2008
age 52

pinterest pins

watercolour alphabet . after school project from the blog “art projects for kids”

i play on pinterest
i share on pinterest
i look and and gawk and talk,
and i save things from a to z
on pinterest

ampersand . by theo inglis
i thought it might be fun
to share some of my saved pins
with my friends that visit here.

vintage pieced quilt . circles of folded layered triangles resembling a sonia delauney. c.1950’s

thankfulness installation . week 36 . by valerie kamikubo

squares, cans, paint . artist damian aquiles

i plan to post more soon
if you care to see more
right now
come for a visit

the driver’s view

january 2012 . nmdr
If you ever fly out of the Portland airport
this is what you will see.
This is a covered area between the parking garage and the check-in area.
And if you stay in Oregon for any time other than between mid-summer and late fall, 
you will know why the area is covered.
(note…photo of puddle)
This area is where vehicles drive-through to drop-off passengers.

just a CLICK away

I am now one of the older generation…(ouch, that was hard to write) that made the transition, from film…to digital photography.

I have never used a camera in a professional way, yet, i did learn how to use a 35mm single lens reflex (slr) camera, in college, as well as how to develop black and white film, and how to make the prints in a darkroom.

Only a few people back in the 1970’s were interested in taking photos beyond the vacation or family celebration, and they did not use a 35mm camera.

For one thing, the hobby of photography was very expensive, and so most people had to make the money to support their photo habit. Either they had to have a job, or the photography was their job.

These kind of cameras alone were expensive. But, the cost didn’t stop with the camera.

For starters, there was the film.

Ah, yes, the film.

That costly but convenient length of 24 or 36 shots, encapsulated in a light-proof container.

What speed of film did i need for what i was shooting?

And how many shots do you think it would take you to get one keeper? One had to manually set the light setting right and get the focus crisp. The settings had to be right-on, or else that shot on the film could not be used. If you wanted to have a good shot of something, you would take many shots with different settings. $ ca-ching!

And get this…there was no window on the back of the camera to show you the image that you just took.  Nope, the image was just a bit of light burnt into the film. You would not see the photo until the film was processed with chemicals $ which gave you a tiny negative of the picture, and then the tiny negative would be used to make a larger positive-print onto photo paper…all this done in a darkroom $. Yes, one would need a darkroom and the processing equipment. And THAT is when you would be able to see what in the world the photo looked like.

Wayyyyy after the shutter was clicked, after the sun had set, after the event was over, when the trip was just a memory.



I think that perhaps i am to continually pass-along the good things that i have been given.

To share. And not to keep anything that i can not use. 
All truly belongs to God and He gives some of the same things to everyone. 
But, everyone does not do the same things with what they are given.

I wonder about what i do and why i do it.

It brings questions.
What do i keep for myself or for the future, that someone can use now?
What have i not used that could be used?
What is held back within me, within my mind, in my heart, my closet, my attic, that will only fade and decay and not be used and shared and passed-along before fading?
What have i held back, out of fear, laziness, anger, forgetfulness, greed, or lack of caring?

Does giving produce something more than i am aware of?

Does passing-along something good that we are given, join something together, does it make a way, a path?  Does it unlock something, or allow something to happen?

Not that i am going to know all the answers to these questions.
I know that i can not possibly be thinking of these things all of the time
I can’t worry and fret about the answers.
I can only continue to believe and hope and listen and be changed.
And i think that is what is actually happening.
I am still being changed.
My heart is hearing, my mind is beginning to understand,
and so
i must take some steps toward what i begin to understand.


Just ART and keep on ARTING

photo of Sydney’s arting of apples and dough.

Art is from base ar- fit together, join (see arm). 
Ger. art – manner, mode. 
Armenian arnam – make. 
L. artus – joint.
artizen – to prepare

I’m getting the idea that ART is very much about the doing… and not something that is finished.  
When i fit together, prepare, make, and create… i ART. 
THat stuff that i hang on the wall is what is left-over from art.
Everyone ARTs.
If i am viewing ART, then i’m watching the… making, preparing, and putting together.
While i am writing this post i am ARTing.
I like to ART paint on canvas.
I also like to ART food for eating.
I even like to ART sheets and covers on my bed for sleeping.


i have finally come to the conclusion that my main forms of communication are the visual, touch, and words few and simple. i like to be able to involve the heart within my communication. i am now certain that the only way to involve the heart is to listen and live together with God.



My faith is a matter of the heart. I am realizing that living out of this faith is better than writing about it. And if i am going to write, it is much better to write to God. The writing is mainly to try and process thoughts, but it also feels like a prayer. It would probably be better to write my pondering onto paper, as it is not something that is meant to guide anyone in their faith. With that thought, i have decided to delete my latest posts along these lines, and maybe some of my older ones as well.