. little thingsimplyenoughtocarry usto thenextlittle thingsimplyspeakinglargelytothe heartlittle thingsimplynotsolittlea thing .

a flame

. ah, yesthere is alwaysmorein commonyou seea sparka flame thatspreads like wildfireafter a summer droughtlicking up dry stalksburning the shroudof concealmentclearing the groundfrom which we came .

we are

. everyone ismy communitywith that one thingin commonweare sinnerseveryone ismy communitywhen we meetwe can talk of morebecause i knowthere is .


. turningin momentsunseenthis quiet changeof heartbrings meever closer .

Love More?

. How do we Love more? Do we need more Love? Where can we get more of this thing called Love? Does Love come from our own making? Is it assembled in a factory and shipped in airtight containers? Can we buy it from the local market, or is it sold at a special shop?…

mere christianity . post 2

After writing the last post about what Lewis had to say in a chapter of his book, Mere Christianity, i had a feeling of being in a place of knowing that i am not to judge others. But, what i did not say, is that knowing this only tells me just how much i need…

mere christianity . by c.s.Lewis

In this chapter, Mr. Lewis is speaking about the fact that everyone needs to be saved.  People often try and judge the realness of Christ (as well as the realness of a person’s belief) by judging the natural gifts of certain people.  We can not see the heart and soul of anyone as God can…

through the unqualified disciples

. come listen for the Spirit an unmerited gift obey be here now come mercies beyond counting go forward least disciple into the mystery into the Love of the crucified Son (Written after reading Glynn’s post,“i am not qualified for this”,and pages 228 & 229 of the ragamuffin gospel.)

the surface

.the curtain has been tornbreaking the surfacewe see our sinful selfour lifein the darknesswe know who we areno need to hidefrom the lightwalk in the lightsee our sinful natureno need to hideour ragamuffin selfno need to hideour Love of Godour needwe shall not hidefor all our Love andall Glory goes to our Saviorin Himwe are…

voices and friends . poetry reading

Note:  Please leave your poetry links at the Facebook group called Voices and Friends, on any day, or days, of the week that you choose.  We are no longer restricted to Monday.  Thank you.   nance ✒ Facebook Voices and Friends group page .

the real thing

. Loving God opens your heart to Him.Love God. Real Love starts with God.And if our giving of love doesn’t start with loving God,then it just makes everything a lot harder. Thankfulness to God is part of Loving God.Speak thankfulness to God throughout your day. If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels,…