mere christianity . post 2

After writing the last post about what Lewis had to say in a chapter of his book, Mere Christianity, i had a feeling of being in a place of knowing that i am not to judge others. But, what i did not say, is that knowing this only tells me just how much i need Jesus and the Holy Spirit in me.  I need God’s saving Grace.
I can’t go very long without thinking or speaking some kind of judgement about someone. Finding fault is part of my natural self. I need the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart about these things in a way that still leaves my heart open to Him. It is the Holy Spirit that speaks to and changes my heart in Love. It is that way with everyone. I don’t know if the Holy Spirit is going to work through those words or not. I am not even sure if i needed to write them.  
But, anyway, more of what i got out of what Lewis wrote and my first post about it is:
I don’t know how the Holy Spirit works.
I need to listen to the Holy Spirit.
I need to obey Him.
And i know that i don’t do this very well, but, He does not give up on me.
And last, but, not least.
I am sure that i don’t need to tell other people what they are doing wrong,
as much as i just need allow God to use me in His Love.

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