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The Short List

once again, the saturday short list…
the sharing of a few blogs that i visited this week.

Agrigirl’s Blog . Life, leadership and community supported agriculture…
The Volunteers Seem to Thrive . by Tammy McLeod

Expect the Exceptional . the blog of Tony Alicea
Rob Me Of Me . guest post by Michael Perkins

Modern Marks . the blog of Sondra
Interview with annika Ruohonen, Photographer – Finland

Kickcan & Conkers . kids, modern vintage living & sunshine galore
Cups of Smiles . post by Deborah, the Yorkshire Lass

how do you do

this is a picture of the area where i am drawing these days.
i sometimes see drawing as work, and sometimes it can be play.  i think
that sometimes the heart makes that decision instead of the circumstances.

if we listened to our heart, what we see as work, could turn into play.


one word . winter


I am not a big fan of winter in Oregon.  I like to see the sun.
Winter here is very cloudy, grey and wet.  Chill to the bone kind of wet.
The season of winter is one that i spend looking for spring.  I have to admit, though, that
spring does come fairly early here in the northwest, taking a small share of winter, but sadly
it can go and steal some of the summer as well.  It’s the most greedy of seasons here.
Last year it rained every single day of June.  Greedy old spring.

Today, i visited the farmer’s almanac web page,
where i was informed that there are 55 days until spring.

I have even seen some signs of spring such as:

1. Teachers are starting to get crabby.
2. My neighbor was standing in his garden today.
3. There are a few dandelions in the yard.
4. The cat came out of the garage.

See, spring is just around the corner.

Though i am sure that there are many more cold, dark and wet days of winter yet to go,
I’m going to keep my eyes open for more signs of spring.

the one word carnival

in and around mondays . at seedlings in stone


i woke up to look out my window this morning.  i could see as far as the garden as the rest of the world was swallowed in grey grounded cloud.   the yard has green grass right now.  it is so wet that the ground can handle no more rain.  some dark brown wet leaves still gather around the apple trees.  all branches and vines are dark and wet.  the douglas fir stand firm in their dark green prickly needles.  the wind has stopped and it makes it seem like everything is holding it’s breath in some kind of solemn grief.

later in the day the sun gave up some rays for damp bones to warm themselves.  and as a true oregonian, i went outside to catch some while the getting was good… and took a walk down the road and the nearest lane.  as i walked, the dog that barks was in the house, the three horses were out with their coats on, i saw buttermilk clouds with blue sky, and i saw one of the neighbors actually doing something in his his garden.

i am here at my computer now…thinking of all that i need to do, as i read blogs and check my mail.  i have label art to finish working on in the next few days, i take peter to the airport tomorrow…  i saw that l.l. has her “around monday” post (nice snow and long blue shadow photos) and decided to join-in.

chicken is on the weber, with forty-five minutes to cook, and there is some reading i would like to do.  i am going through “the knowledge of the holy” by tozer.  i think i will finish this in the next few days.

the grey sky is now looking like it’s getting ready to swallow up the day.  time to light the lamps.

so close

aug 2007 nancy 2

i am beginning to accept what i am not,

and appreciate what God sees that i am.
i have gotten some good advice
from a very sweet person,
and i agree with the advice.


i would like you all to remember
that you are special and unique, 
and that God is using you now
as well as preparing you for more.
do not be sad in what you can’t do
because there are special things about
you that can be used every day.
special things that people need.
Love is in you and for you.
though it is not as the world gives.
this Love is so close and a part of
you that it is like seeing the tree
in the forest.  we don’t always
sense it if we are looking at the forest.
we must look for the tree.
the one small voice in your heart.
the few kind words from a friend.
the look in a child’s eyes.
one tree at a time.
one step.
one breath.
so close…
you are Loved so much,
that Love will become part of you.


classified information

what is the difference between an amateur and a professional?  what are distinctions that the world uses to classify?  are they opposites?

two artists can be just as caring about their art, just as serious, just as hard working, the same in skill and taste.  they can be the same in all ways, and yet if one sells, he might be classified a professional, and if one does not sell, he is usually classified as an amateur.

both artist are making art, that is very much the same.  but, what about motive?  now, the one that sells as well as the one does not sell, can still both have the motive of doing art that they think is only worthwhile because it “could” sell.  or they could both be doing art with a motive that does not include the motive of worth being related to money.

if a person gets an idea that they like, and they don’t do it because they think it’s an idea that will not sell, they are passing up that idea because are deciding the worth on money.

my question is, does that make a  person a professional?  if someone gets an idea and does it because the worth is in the idea itself or in the doing, does that make a person an amateur?

if the person sells his work, no matter why it was done, does that make the person a professional?  if the person does not sell his work, no matter why it was done, does that make the person an amateur?

what if a person dedicates his life to God and the other dedicates his life to his art?  does that make a difference in the classification?

what if one person does his art three days a week and the other does it five days a week?  does that really make a difference in the classification?

if you saw art from two different people in the same place, if you did not think of it’s worth, or know if it was for sale or not, who did it, or why…  would you be able to classify that art, or the artist, as amateur or professional?

if not for money, would it matter?

what matters to you?

photograph “glass in pane”