.i do not riselike fat creamto be seeni rise like fogto disappearin mid air .

seek Him

. in Jesus faith gives rest hope gives peace Love gives life .


.to do anything in Loveis the best one can do to be a servantis the best one can be so why strive for less .

The Short List

once again, the saturday short list…the sharing of a few blogs that i visited this week. Agrigirl’s Blog . Life, leadership and community supported agriculture…The Volunteers Seem to Thrive . by Tammy McLeod Expect the Exceptional . the blog of Tony AliceaRob Me Of Me . guest post by Michael Perkins Modern Marks . the…

how do you do

this is a picture of the area where i am drawing these days.i sometimes see drawing as work, and sometimes it can be play.  i thinkthat sometimes the heart makes that decision instead of the circumstances. if we listened to our heart, what we see as work, could turn into play. .

maneuvers in orbit

. i dance aroundsmooth skin whena sharp manipulationbeginsthe executionturningslow and easyto seeif i can peelwithout breaking .

one word . winter

. I am not a big fan of winter in Oregon.  I like to see the sun.Winter here is very cloudy, grey and wet.  Chill to the bone kind of wet. The season of winter is one that i spend looking for spring.  I have to admit, though, thatspring does come fairly early here in the northwest,…

in and around mondays . at seedlings in stone

i woke up to look out my window this morning.  i could see as far as the garden as the rest of the world was swallowed in grey grounded cloud.   the yard has green grass right now.  it is so wet that the ground can handle no more rain.  some dark brown wet leaves…

my poetry is trash

. i have a lota trashi even talk trash i’m in and out trashtaking out trash sometimes i keep trashkeep getting more trash surrounded by trashin more and more trash no matter whati know somedayi’ll be without trash .

b l u e

. thematic photographic . blue