so close

aug 2007 nancy 2

i am beginning to accept what i am not,

and appreciate what God sees that i am.
i have gotten some good advice
from a very sweet person,
and i agree with the advice.


i would like you all to remember
that you are special and unique, 
and that God is using you now
as well as preparing you for more.
do not be sad in what you can’t do
because there are special things about
you that can be used every day.
special things that people need.
Love is in you and for you.
though it is not as the world gives.
this Love is so close and a part of
you that it is like seeing the tree
in the forest.  we don’t always
sense it if we are looking at the forest.
we must look for the tree.
the one small voice in your heart.
the few kind words from a friend.
the look in a child’s eyes.
one tree at a time.
one step.
one breath.
so close…
you are Loved so much,
that Love will become part of you.


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