she had wings and it didn’t matter one bit that she had no head for figures he figured he could trim her feathers keep her grounded     nmDavis

by the lake

              May 2016 . nmDavis . Marissa Rec. Area


          spring evening 2016

just right

  the sun was hot but not the air it was just right the breeze taking a breath and then blowing again across the lake and through my hair and for a moment almost believing i belonged there     image: photo taken at the lower lake at the marissa rec area. illinois. may 2016…

and yet

  no trespassing… it must be expressed i guess even though i already know that it’s not my place within this space i already know this is so and yet i bet if i did go inside i would not need to hide my face     Image: photo taken in New Athens, Illinois ….

a game

  walking¬†the rail is a game that lasts a short time until the unnatural tame balance on the line gives us up       Image: A¬†combination of two photographs. One was taken at a railroad crossing just south of New Athens, Illinois. The other is an older photograph of a quilt that I used…

in the box

  people do not fit in boxes they fit into skin only dead folks can be put into boxes     image . by nancy marie davis 2016  

buttermilk clouds

    he once said outloud with a strong sure voice “those are buttermilk clouds” i did not doubt him for i loved the sound of the words that i heard before now his voice is weak and barely heard above the sound of the oxygen machine now he is hooked-up in a solitary way…