buttermilk clouds




he once said outloud
with a strong
“those are buttermilk clouds”

i did not doubt him
for i loved the sound
of the words
that i heard

his voice is weak
and barely heard
above the sound of the
oxygen machine

he is hooked-up
in a solitary way
the food
the tube
entering through skin
into his stomach

no more hunger
only death can
release him
from the pain

the thorn
in his side
is breath



Photo ~  taken just outside of St. Libory, Illinois, on the way back from Indiana. Which was a trip to see the man that told me of buttermilk clouds..  The grandfather of my daughters and my ex-husband’s father. May 2, 2016.




4 thoughts on “buttermilk clouds

  1. jodyo70

    “the thorn in his side is breath.” You captured this beautiful/hard process so well. (visiting from Glynn’s Saturday wrap up.)


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