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~~~ memoriesof a Christ-mas eve pastlike a ghost they comeand haunt my thoughtshazy nowbut i remembersuch a quiet nightall sleeping but isecure under coverstole a glimpsearound the darkened roomi viewedshapes of little colourand thenat the footof my bed standingwith a little glimmerof smilea twinklingof eyeshe stoodall the whilesheerbarely therea wee elf it waswaitingwatching mewas it to make sure i slept?i… Read More poetry, book, dare, giveaway


emptybasketswaitingwe knowthiswill stay with usmuch longerthanwhat is givento us this dayour daily breadwe will rememberthat is all we havethat is all we need ~picture prompt poemfor one stop poetrywrite-post-link~depression-era photo,st louis, missouri aprox. 1933from creative commons flicker


~ thin strandsof greyare all that’s left ofonce thick curvylocks of redthat fell smoothlyovershouldersand overturnedheartsnow warmedby the beautyshe holdswithin her own ~one shot wednesdaywrite, post, link up

life lines

on tuesday, i read a post by bj moore at shrinking the camel, called you can’t compete with grace. it hit me like a brick wall, which is just what i needed actually.  i was having a hard time letting go of something. and this “letting go” was driving me off the deep end.  i knew i… Read More life lines