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~~~ memoriesof a Christ-mas eve pastlike a ghost they comeand haunt my thoughtshazy nowbut i remembersuch a quiet nightall sleeping but isecure under coverstole a glimpsearound the darkened roomi viewedshapes of little colourand thenat the footof my bed standingwith a little glimmerof smilea twinklingof eyeshe stoodall the whilesheerbarely therea wee elf it waswaitingwatching mewas it to make sure i slept?i…

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three steps to knowledge of a word that is not enough, on it’s own, to comprehend the meaning. yet, might be considered interesting. fellowship 1.a very good read about fellowship can be had at the study light blog.  it will give you a very good insight to the words that are behind this english translation, and how…

for kundu

it is everywherelisteningthis care held backwaitingto be seen by manwatchingevery closed heartspeakinga quiet whisperof Love ~kundu


emptybasketswaitingwe knowthiswill stay with usmuch longerthanwhat is givento us this dayour daily breadwe will rememberthat is all we havethat is all we need ~picture prompt poemfor one stop poetrywrite-post-link~depression-era photo,st louis, missouri aprox. 1933from creative commons flicker

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let the celebration begin ~ Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one anotherwithall wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songsfrom the Spirit, singingto Godwith gratitude in your hearts. ♥colossians 3:16

cheese, crackers and turkey

today, i sliced cheese.  very large chunks of cheese into smaller hunks of cheese.  i then proceeded to put said small hunk of cheese onto a plate and deliver it, and carr crackers, to the ever constant stream of hungry wine tasters.  over and over again from eleven until five.  except for the time i took to go…

thank you for

~sharing LOVEbeing a friendyour commentsyour encouragementgiving me a smilemaking me thinkmaking me laughunderstandingincludingsupportingsharing ♥

going over their head

~ swallow feelings wholeor let them gowhen they thinkthey own youshow thatyou’ve been paid foryou knowyou ain’t been made forthemanyway ~


~ thin strandsof greyare all that’s left ofonce thick curvylocks of redthat fell smoothlyovershouldersand overturnedheartsnow warmedby the beautyshe holdswithin her own ~one shot wednesdaywrite, post, link up

two hours delay

now, this is one delay that i don’t mind.   a delay in the starting time of school.  ahhhhh.  taxi shift begins in the light of day and we all spent a little more time snoozing.  what delight. there are few cars on the road, and everything is hushed.  and the cherry on top…the sun…

mere chruchianity . chapter fifteen

also posting on chapter 15 is glynn young at faith fiction friends.fatha frank has posted on chapter 14 thumbing it in on his mobile. ~~~~~~~ every time i take up this book, i can’t help but think of the writer.  i only visited his blog site a couple of times.  so i was not familiar with his…

life lines

on tuesday, i read a post by bj moore at shrinking the camel, called you can’t compete with grace. it hit me like a brick wall, which is just what i needed actually.  i was having a hard time letting go of something. and this “letting go” was driving me off the deep end.  i knew i…