life lines

on tuesday, i read a post by bj moore at shrinking the camel, called you can’t compete with grace. it hit me like a brick wall, which is just what i needed actually.  i was having a hard time letting go of something. and this “letting go” was driving me off the deep end.  i knew i would have to deal with the feelings somehow, because , like bradly wrote “the cognitive dissonance was killing me.”the fight was between what i wanted, even felt i needed, and what i knew was right and aligned with my beliefs.  and within, it was truly killing me.

then i read these lines in the post…

“How can anyone compete with Grace?”
“For me, when you break it all down, Grace means simply this: I am going to be okay.”
“Why surrender to God’s infinite Love when I can just as easily go down a stink-hole of obsessive insecurity all by myself?”
“…one thing I do know: don’t ever try to compete with grace, because it could eat you for lunch, if it wanted to.”

after reading the whole article i realized that i was trying to compete with the Grace of God.  i was trying with all my might to let this go on my own, and it kept coming back on me…over and over again.  i wasn’t letting God’s Grace do it’s work.

by thinking of God’s Grace and Love, i was able to say “i’m going to be okay.”

it was like a life line in my hand, as i was sinking in a dark restless sea.

by the Grace of God, i am going to be okay.
that is what God’s Grace allows us to say.
you can hold on to that.

8 thoughts on “life lines


    Nance – I am glad that helped you. It's so true, how we can trip ourselves up with our own madness… You are not the only one in the fight, my dear. You are not alone. We all must help each other hold up by grace.

  2. A Simple Country Girl

    I wonder why I skipped that article each time I was at THC site lately? Now, I better make sure to read it.Nancy, I have missed you. I keep forgetting to update my links to this proper one. And yes, I know of horse feathers. After the eyes, they are my favorite parts of a horse, partly because they are a wispy, gentle part of such a big animal. What is the yellow in your header photo? Squash or mango maybe?Blessings.

  3. Melissa

    I appreciated that post, too, and yours… similar days we seem to be having… has been quite the week between illness and wrestling less than peaceful thoughts, but I am here, the fire is burning, there is wood, there is food, I am loved, and God willing I will wake up in the morning and begin again a few steps forward, a few steps back…


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