horse feathers

i learned from my youngest daughter today that there really is
such a thing as horse feathers on a horse.

on clydesdales, you can see the horse feathers very well.
it is the long silky leg hair that flows over their hooves to the ground.

4 thoughts on “horse feathers

  1. B. Meandering

    Hey, where did your face go? It's been so nice having you here to greet us!The picture above is cool, but not as cool as yours. :)Never heard of horsefeathers, but I'm truly impressed that you got to be that close to Clydesdales–Such awesome animals.

  2. nance marie

    i got to see them close-up when i was young. at my grandmother's house in aviston illinois. they were getting hooked up to the budweiser wagon for a parade. i grew up about 40 miles away from my grandmother's house, my mom's mom that is. she was a sweet woman. the clydesdales were just huge, and very strong looking. standing next to them in the large drive beside her house and in front of their grain mill…it is etched in my mind. and yes, they had beautiful feathers!

  3. Glynn

    We love the Clydesdales. But then, we live in St. Louis, home of that beer associated with the Clydesdales. I regularly bike the trail that runs alongside Grant's Farm, one of the homes of the Clydesdales, and see them all the time in the pastures. And yes, they have feathers.


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