The Red Sun

I am now sixty-two. And time really does seem to go faster as I age. Only because we get closer to seeing the end rather than the beginning of our life here. The target looks bigger and bigger as we fly through space hurtling toward it. As I hang onto my child heart, I also…

i have always been

i have always been an artist, in a sense of thinking that is. i think colour and shape, how something has a certain feel to it, how something has a certain balance. i like things that look the way that seems right to my senses. i look at everything as shape and colour and texture,…


  i want to get it over with not to an end but an over and over and  over with

life matters

there have been people sharing part of themselves their listening their words kindnesses that i know kept me alive surviving the rejection of others and the coldness of my own heart


i am back in this place the only place to write my thoughts close at heart frame of mind meat and potatoes crux of the matter whatever come here if you want me


  it escapes me the magic of you i can not figure why so many doves fly out of one heart


  snuggle up a little closer soft petals round and round a sweet scent of a warm day on you gathered in your midnight crown     nmd may 2017


bullpen, new athens NMDavis fellowship ✜

to me

Love is Power and it is Spirit. I can feel Love in my whole being. I think of electric current. I think of harmony. I think of a look, with no words, that speaks of never ending.

on the heart

This is me, now, on the inside. Yes, I have to admit that I am many ages that insist on coming along for the ride. They don’t let go. Intent on being part of my heart and soul, no matter where I have gone or what I have done. I look at this picture and I…


  No one is blameless.  No one is all good.  We get confused about what is real and what is right. And truly it is easy abandon compassion and mercy when we don’t see any need for it, and we don’t know or accept a person.  If there is a person that we see that is different and…