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to me

Love is Power
and it is Spirit.
I can feel Love
in my whole being.
I think of
electric current.
I think of harmony.
I think of a look,
with no words,
that speaks of never ending.

our goodbyes


I went to a service yesterday
a celebration of life
of a life well lived
in imperfection and struggle
he built bridges
so others could cross over troubled water
to meet in agreement
now he
has crossed over a bridge
we remembered who he was to us
some did not speak of it
some spoke very well
and there were tears
there was silent wailing
turning from there
and going on


max aud
bridge builder

and yet



no trespassing…
it must be expressed
i guess
even though
i already know
that it’s not my place
within this space
i already know
this is so
and yet
i bet
if i did go
i would not need to
my face



Image: photo taken in New Athens, Illinois . 2016

a game



walking the rail
is a game
that lasts
a short time
until the
on the line
gives us up




Image: A combination of two photographs. One was taken at a railroad crossing just south of New Athens, Illinois. The other is an older photograph of a quilt that I used at the house in Oregon. The tracks represent the journey of schedules and rules that man makes. The quilt represents the comfort that exists off the track.