this is a  photo from my archives ❀ here are three good words do not worry those words don’t imply that what you are worrying about does not matter it just means you are not to worry worry is not good not a bit so you might ask “how do i stop worry” and i…


 Sometimes ya don’t need to do anything, because just being there is enough. .


photo by casey ✘ portland, oregon . ∇ “One vegan bacon cheeseburger…” “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” ☂ . •


it’s just been one of those kind of days .


a stitch in time that should hold me for awhile

i noticed that…

        …there was someone waiting for their person outside the grocery store yesterday.        

the morning after

. . i don’t even want to know what spring and winter were up to last night… . . .


    walk in the light in the light of the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit is Love…


I have always been amazed by cj’s artistic eye.  and it’s showing in her photography. this is another of her shots from hippo hardware, in portland oregon, on sunday.  We were thinking of going to hawthorne street for awhile, but the weather changed to rain and hail and we didn’t have any rain wear with…

around town

. . . photo by casey jane cj and i took a sunday afternoon stroll through hippo hardware i chose this photo out of all the ones she took because i liked the feeling of it         .


. . . put off your old self be made new ∞   the photo is one of my old ones, i’m still spring cleaning at my flickr account.

photo work

… arizona a photo from my stash it’s digital spring cleaning time at my flickr photostream .