this is a  photo from my archives

here are three good words

do not worry

those words don’t imply that what you are worrying about does not matter

it just means you are not to worry

worry is not good

not a bit


you might ask

“how do i stop worry”

and i would say

“start talking to Jesus right away”


Matthew 11:28-30  Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.




I have always been amazed by cj’s artistic eye.  and it’s showing in her photography. this is another of her shots from hippo hardware, in portland oregon, on sunday.  We were thinking of going to hawthorne street for awhile, but the weather changed to rain and hail and we didn’t have any rain wear with us.

There were so many lamps and light fixtures turned on in hippo hardware i am now wondering what their electric bill looks like and just how many light bulbs they go through.  The upstairs had large windows and wooden floors and i started having studio day dreams…