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this is a  photo from my archives

here are three good words

do not worry

those words don’t imply that what you are worrying about does not matter

it just means you are not to worry

worry is not good

not a bit


you might ask

“how do i stop worry”

and i would say

“start talking to Jesus right away”


Matthew 11:28-30  Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.




I have always been amazed by cj’s artistic eye.  and it’s showing in her photography. this is another of her shots from hippo hardware, in portland oregon, on sunday.  We were thinking of going to hawthorne street for awhile, but the weather changed to rain and hail and we didn’t have any rain wear with us.

There were so many lamps and light fixtures turned on in hippo hardware i am now wondering what their electric bill looks like and just how many light bulbs they go through.  The upstairs had large windows and wooden floors and i started having studio day dreams…

the heart of the matter . a repost


This is a rerun of a post from February 24, 2010 – from an old blog of mine called “just say the word.”

the typeface didn’t want to cooperate…

I have been reading through some friend’s online pages.

The latest, most popular subject, i see, seems to be lent. It just made me more curious to look into Lent. 

I read that the practice is not in the bible, because it started a few centuries later. Lent has changed over the years. The number of days started out as two or three. Early on, Lent was a time of preparation for those about to be baptized at Easter. The more i thought about it, the more the practice started to look like life. Realizing that death is taking something from my body and mind, every moment, and eventually enough is taken that i actually realize something is gone. something i can not do, or something i do not have any longer. i must accept the fact that it is gone. After awhile, when i am older and watching  things come and go, i am continually reminded that nothing is actually mine. 

read that in the past, people abstained from foods prepared with fat, or they fasted in a more strict way throughout Lent. Meat is (or at least was) the food of the wealthy, and to give it up was to eat the food of the poor, and so to remember one’s poverty before God. It is a devotional practice of ancient (Jewish) origin, and not really based in Scripture, except for the ideas in Isaiah 22:13, Daniel 10, etc… Abstaining from meat was a sign of penance or sorrow for sin, but eating it a sign of merriment. 

The current practices regarding meat in Lent (or any time of year) could change (and they have), because they are not a part of Christian doctrine, but only practices that help us in our faith. 

I see some differences between lent and life. 

With lent, things and practices are given up. Reading that, “stripping away the tokens of wealth and power for a short time so we can remember who we are. We do this on the day Jesus allowed everything to be taken from him so we could see who he is and be saved.”

In this life, death slowly takes our body and people from us. We lose things that we hold dear. The difference, from lent, being we do not get any of it back in this lifetime. In the process of real life loss, we see who we are and that God already has everything, except one thing from us. What God truly wants, is for us to give Him our whole heart.

In giving God our heart, we give Him our whole self, our soul…everything.