on the road

  . . Were not our hearts burning within us… Luke 24:32


  . . I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water. . from psalm 63:1


. river of water from the clouds fall winter spring life growing out of decay the colours in shade and light on this golden day one summer july . .


    i came upon a clearing my friends were there silently waiting already knowing why i came

carry me

. . my heart aches for completeness this lonely soul in skin and bone all that i am cries out for your grace enrapture to sweet existence in You . .

don’t miss

. the mark keeps getting higher up there in the sky go get do make time for sweet caress give someone a loving kiss don’t miss read lips red . .

Book Reading

. Book Reading at TweetSpeak Poetry The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker Fiction It’s about a poet, talking about the writing he should be doing, and his live-in woman friend that has moved out, as well as mentioning other odd thoughts that he tends to have. He strings the whole thing along going from his life…

bad old woman blues

i’m having a hard time with dying this growing old this decay of body and mind my soul aches for a consuming love one passionate kiss a cool breath of spring warm breeze of summer on my skin easy laughter i want to be in love to believe with someone to be beautiful in someone’s…


. . opening two windows upstairs a late morning summer breeze sucks the light bedroom curtain and lifts it outside sails it in the sunshine and gently lets it fall i want to be that curtain . .


. there is one i’ve come to know and that is where i now will go into the arms myself i’ll throw and leave no hint of sorrow . .

in the midst

. in the midst in the mist of my days only my heart senses a small understanding of pain . . I wrote the above because, today, I followed a tweet by Glynn Young to his Saturday Good Reads post. And there, under his list of poetry, was a familiar name that caught my eye….


. all i need is Love everything else is garbage i can’t buy me any Love don’t need to just need to pay it some attention seeing is believing believing is seeing it’s all there in the fine print up close and personal . .