i think i might be in love
then i remember
who i am
and i forget it
i wonder
why can’t each day have a new name
i know better than to think
that there’s such a thing as a week
and that it really ends
i will call today what i please
i will call it cloudy day with colour
why do women shave their legs
or arm pits
or pluck hair from eyebrows
men would never shave their legs
unless it was for sport
i suppose that may be why women do it
for sport
olympic in size
the sport of winning
we all know that winning is important
why… it says so on television
and how do we play
do children play
in the grass
do they climb trees
or jump into leaves
so afraid we are
all along thinking we are free


14 thoughts on “thinking

  1. Wayne

    I was going to shave my legs in solidarity, but then remembered I had grown my hair long in solidarity and enough is enough. Peace and hope for times when rules are not so rigid

    1. davis

      just getting started in it. it was lent to me by a friend that told me she really enjoyed it, and that i should give it a read.

  2. Beth

    When I went back on estrogen, I had to start shaving my legs again! The good part was that my eyebrows started to look like eyebrows again!
    I wonder if we would feel better about Mondays if it didn’t have that name and the meaning of the first day back at work.
    I like the quirkiness of your rambling mind this morning—know exactly how that works—my mind has been a jumble.

    1. davis

      life is a jumble…and i found a hair growing out of my ear the other day…just like my cat. me and the old cat, we have a lot in common.


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