farm . the one word carnival

. etymology~ farm (n.)c.1300, “fixed payment (usually in exchange for taxes collected, etc.), fixed rent,”from O.Fr. ferme “rent, lease,”from firmus “firm.”Sense of “tract of leased land” is first recorded early 14c.;that of “cultivated land” (leased or not) is 1520s. drawings found herethe one word carnival is hosted by peter pollockand the word this week isContinue reading “farm . the one word carnival”

mere christianity . by csLewis

CONTINUED BOOK READING WITH SARAH AND JASON“MERE CHRISTIANITY” .. . THE PRACTICAL CONCLUSION . . … “In dime stores and bus stations,people talk of situations,read books,repeat quotations,draw conclusions on the wall.” bobby zimmerman . Bobby and Jack have both expressed the choices very well.They sure have a way with words, don’t they?. ♥ MORE ATContinue reading “mere christianity . by csLewis”