Love – the Lord

this is what i’m thinking…

for me to agapao God and others, it must come out of my decision to believe in God and Jesus the Christ.
i can not see any other way that i could possibly do this without God’s direction and power.  if it is to come out of any goodness, than that goodness must be God’s in me.  it must be from God as to have an affect that includes all four together of the heart, soul, mind and strength.  something that can only happen when i am with God and for God.  and the heart, soul, mind and strength must all be involved and worked together in the right kind of balance/miracle that is agape.

so, i am thinking that the only way to do as commanded, to agape Love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and to agape Love my neighbor as myself, is know that God is alive and active, and He is the one working this through me.

God will able me to Love Him, because of His Love that He gives.   it is like a circle of Love that starts with Him, works through me, and goes back to Him, only this is more and better than i can put into words.
Who and What He Is, works a miracle mixture in and through us and with us.   agape.

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