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the table


i went to a dinner.  there was much.  the ugly table was covered in fine white cotton.  the dishes were clean.  there were more forks and spoons than any one person really needs.  stems of flowers were cut and put into containers.  the petals became hidden as the stems holding wine surrounded them.  the chef and crew worked very hard to please.  i talked with people that i would not usually meet.  i met a neighbor couple that has lived up the road from us for seven years.  we see what is in front of us.  do we see what is hidden within?  do we see what God places before us that is within the world?  hearts, souls and petals.


the flag


it was a driving shot.  i was driving down the main street through town, and several blocks ahead i could see the giant american flag in the spotlight.  it was flying at half staff just over a little rise in the road, so it looked like it would cover the cars going by.  i was going to turn left for a shorter route, but the flag kept my steering wheel from turning.  it was late at night, but there were still plenty of cars on the road.  as i came closer to the flag the traffic light, next to it’s display, turned red.  i grabbed for my purse and pulled out my camera.  as i was hitting the power button the red light turned green, and i had to step on the gas…so i aimed the lens over my shoulder and clicked.  red.  white.  blue.  and lights.  i shot the flag at night.
July 28, 2011 – Oregon Governor Kitzhaber has ordered all flags at public institutions to be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in honor of the Honorable Betty Roberts, whose memorial service will take place in Portland on that date. “Betty Roberts’ distinguished career as an educator, politician, lawyer and judge broke down barriers,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “Her work on issues of gender equity and access to justice changed the political, social, and legal landscape in Oregon. She was and will continue to be a role model, mentor, and inspiration to many.”

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article on betty roberts from the university of oregon news

Sweet Light


Continued reading of “Mere Christianity” by Clive Staples Lewis.
I was wondering about the word “charity” and, actually, words in general.  They tend to change meaning over time with use.  Such it is with theology.  Everyone has there own idea about each word.  Meanings also get changed in translations.  Yet, i think, even though words and meanings change, the main message of the gospel will never be changed by anyone.
Charity is the title of this week’s chapter.  And i can not even begin to express the different meanings that people might put onto this one.  In Christian theology, it’s an unlimited loving-kindness toward all others, and should not be confused with a more modern meaning of benevolent giving.
We have been shown, to some extent, what we are, and what we could have been.  In looking at our self, we can see our selfishness.  And in looking at our self and comparing our self to others, we can see other people’s selfishness.  On one hand we may despair, and on the other hand we may feel a need to prove our self better.  If we spend too much time looking at our self…that is all we will see.
But, we have been given a gift in Jesus Christ.  “Relationship” with our God.

We have been given the one place too look that is beyond our self.  In this place of relating with God we can see that there is more for us and for others.  There is mystery in the workings of God within this gift.  And within the mystery of relationship we are given faith, hope and Love.
And this is something that no one but God can change.

We must look at our self to a degree.  Then we can look past our self
in thankfulness,
at our God.
He is the Sweet Light of Grace for us all.



i stayed in the house of a friend of my sister-in-law
the first week that i was in indiana.

this is a photo of a wall display that was there.
it’s comprised of one mirror and several unfilled frames
that are mainly antique.

continued reading


It comes down to self and God,

There is humility, which allows us to know God;
and there is pride,
which is the utmost evil that comes straight from hell to the heart,
in which everyone has to deal with, no matter who you are.

Clive Lewis speaks on what pride is and what pride is not.
He mentions how pride can easily slip into parts of our life and grow,
along with ways that we can test our reasons and thinking.

I would like to add…that there are verses in the word
that will help us in knowing our self and our God.
For instance… James 4.

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