the table

. i went to a dinner.  there was much.  the ugly table was covered in fine white cotton.  the dishes were clean.  there were more forks and spoons than any one person really needs.  stems of flowers were cut and put into containers.  the petals became hidden as the stems holding wine surrounded them.  the…

the flag

. it was a driving shot.  i was driving down the main street through town, and several blocks ahead i could see the giant american flag in the spotlight.  it was flying at half staff just over a little rise in the road, so it looked like it would cover the cars going by.  i was going…


. summer is a bowl of blue a cloth of cotton fringed a finger and a thumb reaching in .

Sweet Light

. Continued reading of “Mere Christianity” by Clive Staples Lewis. I was wondering about the word “charity” and, actually, words in general.  They tend to change meaning over time with use.  Such it is with theology.  Everyone has there own idea about each word.  Meanings also get changed in translations.  Yet, i think, even though…

swing shift

. She relaxed and felt the swaying motion pull gently down on her bones and the cool air of evening drifting gently across her warm exposed skin.   Closing her eyes on the long day of toil, she gave way to a dream. one word carnival

the light

. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drove out hate; only Love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr. .


. i stayed in the house of a friend of my sister-in-lawthe first week that i was in indiana. this is a photo of a wall display that was there. it’s comprised of one mirror and several unfilled framesthat are mainly antique. . 

going up

. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. Mark Twain


. I know a little garden close Set thick with lily and red rose, Where i would wander if i might From dewy dawn to dewy night. And have one with me wandering. William Morris • lily . zionsville indiana • lilium “stargazer”• the rest of the poem

continued reading

. It comes down to self and God,Relationship. There is humility, which allows us to know God;and there is pride,which is the utmost evil that comes straight from hell to the heart,in which everyone has to deal with, no matter who you are. Clive Lewis speaks on what pride is and what pride is not.He mentions…