a continued reading of mere christianity by csLewis



O my unforgiving heart.  I know this to be true.  For just when i think forgiveness is what i possess, the next moment proves that i do not.  Fear and selfishness are shrouded within these human bones.  I am not completely free of the death that haunts this my flesh and blood.  As the poison of blame and malice comes to light, may it be that i am armed with God’s mercy and His compassion and grace be my guide.

Jesus keep me through it all, as in your name i want to ever be.


in indy

it would be nice to be back in oregon, but, i’m not.  i am still sweltering in indiana and scheduled to fly over clouds and state lines on wednesday.  with a stop at at the denver airport for tea and to catch a ride on another beast that is to fly to the northwest over mountains and desert at about half a mile per second (or something like that).  anyway.  i have photos, dirty clothes, probably dead flowers and a hankerin’ to be home.  but… tomorrow (tuesday), syd and i are threatening to go to the “indy museum of art” in the afternoon.  they have air conditioning and some cool art.