I drove many hours yesterday, from Tulsa to southern Illinois. I decided to pull into Carbondale. That’s where I lived while I got my degree in graphic art. I lived in Neely tower, on seventh heaven. Anyway, it was late, CJ was asleep, and as I drove into town it was sad at first. The… Read More Carbondale

Day 6

Going with the flow. Not too much traffic on I-80 in Nebraska. Headed to see a friend of Casey’s near Tulsa. Ok…okay. The flat open apace makes me feel a lonesome heartache. I don’t know why, it feels like I’m in love with something untouchable. The waves of golden wheat against a blue sky…schew. Love… Read More Day 6

Day 1

I have lived in Oregon since the late seventies and I remember the first time I saw the Columbia gorge. I had never seen anything like it. Today was beautiful, the wide blue green river had some choppy white waves, the douglas fir trees had the company of other trees with their green leaves. High… Read More Day 1