you may think that the new year, in january, is the time that most changes take place. 
but, it’s not the truth.  even with all the talk before hand about resolutions and promises, all the 
hoopla,  all the noise.  in the end, it is really very little more than talk. 
the time of year when things really change is now.  june.  some people leave on vacations, and others 
graduate from some kind of schooling, or both. these are events that grab a person out of their more 
usual tasks and goals and throw them into new ones. it is a time to explore new options and challenges. 
it also causes other people in those lives to make adjustments.  statistically speaking, june is the most 
popular month for weddings in the united states. there are so many things happing in june with a great
amount of an unrecognized undercurrent of gusto that don’t happen the other eleven months of the year. 
maybe because it’s not a national holiday it is allowed to be personal, to remain our own. our very
own real-life changes.  and so they might go more unnoticed.  but, isn’t that the way we want it?
it’s the june waves of change…for good or for bad, they belong to us and to those who know us.

8 thoughts on “june

  1. SimplyDarlene


    (somehow we always end up where we started. gotta pay attn to the in-between parts.)

  2. Beth

    I never really stopped to think about June that way, but you are right. It is full of change. My life takes a whole new direction in June and I love it. My husband’s mother’s huge family has their anual reunion picnic in June and it is quite the experience that is never the same two years in a row. I used to dread them, but now I enjoy them. I learned a lot this past Sat. and was very glad I made the effort to not only go but actually ‘be’ there in mind, body, and spirit. :>_

    1. nancy Post author

      this is good news. i like how you looked at it as a learning opportunity and to be present in mind-body-and spirit. lovely! and very encouraging.

    1. nancy Post author

      yep. the changes in june less noticed by the media and are more personal. the events are not national holidays, or a religious celebrations as Christmas, or resolutions made for the new year..all which stand out in the way that they are celebrated, talked about or made part of the news.
      but, june a time of year for more individual family celebrations and changes. and i agree that many things would be very different if we lived with less political and social freedom. and the flag…at least the u.s. flag reminds me of freedom…especially on the 4th of july…of which the whole country, more or less, celebrates together in a big way…and especially when i see it flying below the invisible flag of death at half-staff…and of course, on flag day :-)


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