there was once
a home here
roses tended
bed of rest
a place to hide
the nakedness
the tender skin
and delicate 
seasons of Love
Published by

nancy marie davis

Nancy Marie Davis wine label illustrations, photography, mixed media, poetry and study in love.


  1. I love that string of poetry in the comments. Such flow and beauty and truth in the words. That photo is incredible! I think you were meant to go back there to get this particular shot. It’s a “Wow!”

    1. such kindness communicated in comments here.
      it funny how things work out sometimes, how something is a mistake and then how it can work out differently, but, good.
      i hope that some of my other mistakes can be worked out for good a well.

    1. oh…not so much, really. there once was a home where this rose bush continues to live. though, i think the roses are lovely, i started to think about house that was once there…and our own houses that are homes…and well. i ended up with this.

      i had taken photos of the roses just after a rain a couple of days before i took these, they were good shots, but, i ended up deleting them when i was in the process of deleting some of the other not-so pretty ones. and i had already deleted all from the camera. poof! so i went back to photo these but the roses looked very different just two days later in the sun…and so do the shots.

      that’s most of the rose bush story…

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