he makes us makes us relent bleed out our own self yearn for relief our heart stops hurting never from the nearness this war of spirit we are ever wanting holding to death unaware we think we are done when the war of dying has just begun    

It’s okay

  I am not going to dwell on where I don’t fit in. And I am not going to feel sorry that I can not have who or what I would like to have. I am going to look at what people are, and what they are to me now. What they can be now….


  i don’t own a home or steeple and i depend on the friend in people i am barely here and sometimes there like a ghost slipping through a keyhole     ❖


  the sky was falling, but it still looked blue. the flower stood tall and pink. what proof do i have? it’s what i saw. what i wanted to see. the petals. the miracle moment. seeing is not believing. faith is not seeing. love is not enough on its own.     ✜