Day 3

We are at applebees in larmie Wyoming, and they have wifi. Headed to Cheyenne and then we will take a detour north to see my sister. She lives near lingle, which is a three hour drive from Cheyenne. She has no computer service right now, so I will be off line for a couple of days. It,s supposed to be 105 degrees there tomthoughts going across Wyoming has been big blue sky and a lot of angus and some horses. The angus were cute because there were a lot of small calfs. I can write a book on the rest stops of the northwest. I am getting better at pumping my own gasoline. To busy driving to get any photos. I am gonna give cj a go at driving on her permit whe we get off the highway. Hopefully we will stay out of the ditch.

8 thoughts on “Day 3

    1. nancy Post author

      I guess I will take some eventually. Maybe if I were visiting new York I would take more. To busy driving and doing nothing.

  1. SimplyDarlene

    Oh my land, we were spoiled in OR at the gas stations. Just when I got used to someone else pumping my gas, we up and moved to WA.

    Don’t stop at the rest stops unless you are packin’ heat. Seriously. I’ve peed with the cows, they don’t mind. (too much info?)

    105. Take a picture of that.



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