Day 6

Going with the flow. Not too much traffic on I-80 in Nebraska. Headed to see a friend of Casey’s near Tulsa. Ok…okay. The flat open apace makes me feel a lonesome heartache. I don’t know why, it feels like I’m in love with something untouchable. The waves of golden wheat against a blue sky…schew. Love nance

4 thoughts on “Day 6

    1. nancy Post author

      my first time. it was beautiful…lots of farmland like wyoming…only the fields are smaller, there is no sagebrush and the trees are green and plentful, instead of the poor old sad cottonwoods in wyoming and nebraska. and flat…mainly flat.

  1. SimplyDarlene

    but we are in love with and loved by Someone way bigger than that feeling, aye?

    glad for the update.

    it’s a rainy, soppy, lightning, thunder AND rainbow sorta day in the PNW



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