coming and going

Finally, cj’s last day of school.  And the sun travels high across the sky.  I hear a continuous drone of small
aircraft and distant whirring of a selection of machinery cutting back anything green.
My toes have been getting more air time and there has been less need for a jacket.
I have decided to try and post on the road, when ever i can get wifi with peter’s ipad.  But, not very much
reading…. so i hope that you all will leave me a comment once in awhile…or maybe an email.
I am still determined to spend most of my time off-line and turn that around to being more  present in my life… 
where i live. I am aware that it needs to be done for many reasons.
I realize that there will be a natural decline in readers here as i read less posts and cut way-back on Spacebook
and Flitter. I think that i will continue to write here anyway.  Writing is good to do, even if no one is reads it.
There is pizza on the menu for tonight, so i better get started with the dough making.
(rhymes with dance)

13 thoughts on “coming and going

  1. SimplyDarlene

    uh-oh, i’m suffering from identity confusion. just when i got used to calling you “davis” ya signed off with “nance”

    flitter and spacebook… for me, they are mainly another outlet to hear myself type. i don’t really fancy either one but wanted to see what all the jazzy jive is about. so far, the folks who read my blog (which are a few dear folks) are the only ones who pay attn to my social scuttling.

    i’ll be hanging out here abouts. stuck on ya like a fungus or something. a fungus among-us.

    (i’m sure you are thrilled to pieces)


  2. Beth

    ;You still will have me and my intermittant comments. I too am trying to strike a balance and go through periods where I disconnect with the Internet.
    But I always come back and you are there for me as I will be for you.

    1. nancy Post author

      i am considering that this thing we call balance may be a matter of not holding-on to anything…except the LoveOfGod. And that too much of any one thing at one time…except the LoveOfGod…is not good. God looks at what i just wrote and says….duh.

      1. Owen Swain

        This assessment sounds exactly correct, nance.

        On a personal level, over the past few years I was spending a lot of time following news, discussions and the like on/related to expression of the Christian faith that, in the end, while perhaps necessary on some level where nonetheless a drain on my faith and on my creativity. Only in pulling away from, not my faith but, chatter about the faith, the culture wars the etc, have I begun to rediscover myself in our Lord. Again, to be clear, it’s not that the kind of things I am avoiding now are not good or even necessary on some level but one has to realize how God has made each of us. Some are better suited to such and I say, they can have it. (pardon my verbosity)

        1. nancy Post author

          i like how you make clear that you don’t need to label anything as bad, but, stated the facts of your personal involvement. how too much of something was a drain on faith and creativity.

          i find that i can take myself out of the flow of the Spirit, and i can take myself out of the flow of faith that is free to me. then everything stops, and i am just dry and thirsty. a certain kind of creativity comes from being in the flow.

  3. Owen Swain

    I’m happy to have rediscovered you and at a time when I am fully re-entering my own poetry and art so it’s been wonderful timing. I have your blog rss in my e-mail reader so when you are there I’ll be here. Again, I totally understand the need to prioritize. Oddly it’s because of a radical blogechtamy and social nutwork cleanzing that I have found my self again and some time and the result has been more art and more poetry.

    1. nancy Post author

      it has been good timing…and i am glad for it. thanks for having my blog rss in your email reader. i have yours in my google reader.
      now… to go outside and desucker the grapevines a bit.

    1. nancy Post author

      the pizza turned out very yum…
      i am going to try and figure out my husband’s ipad…it has picture taking capabilities that i will need to learn, perhaps i can figure out how to post it too. the photos taken with my camera…i guess they might need to wait until i get home.

      glad to hear that you will keep reading :-)


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