go with the flow

photo by k. randolf via flicker
i cut off most of my hair this morning
the vacuum bag now contains each strand
that looked dark on the floor
no longer blond
seasoned bits of grey 
reflecting the light
each snip became a deliverance
from an image that lived only in my mind
freed from the bramble
at the edge of the river of time

21 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise G. says:

    Love this. It sings. Like you

  2. aha! i like the bit about open windows and no hair in the face. i couldn’t give a rip one way or the other – i’m a short hair sorta girl but the husband wanted to see it long, so long it is. until i get enough inches to donate.

    mine used to be spiky short, tweety-bird yellow and fire engine red, with stripes cut in the sides back in my school daze… nothin’ like a punkish country girl in thigh-high boots.

    oh my land, thanks for these memories! what a hoot.

  3. hisfirefly says:

    My hair is too long now, feels like added weight, a hindrance…

    1. nancy says:

      it does feel lighter, and it isn’t in my eyes…two really good things.

  4. Beth says:

    I love the picture–all that swirling color. However, I would really like to see your new look. Any chance?;>)
    Those words are incredible esp. those last two lines. I can feel this poem—wonderful.
    And I’m getting that deliverance this afternoon, but I’m paying someone to do it. I am not good with scissors even on paper let alone my hair! I’m going super short and not worrying about whether it will make me look fatter or older. It will be ‘me at 58’ enjoying life and not stressing over hair.

    1. nancy says:

      yes! less stress, especially over hair :-) enjoy the cut. every little snip!

  5. Maureen says:

    I had my hair cut last Friday. Shorter than it’s ever been (and until 2000 it was hip-length and Greek-thick). I’m still recognizable, I think.

    1. nancy says:

      maybe this is a sign that it’s gonna be a hot summer…

      1. Wayne says:

        Hair is a great insulator for the brain against summer heat, and in my case it insulates the spinal cord too. ;’)

        1. nancy says:

          the more i think of hair on people’s head…the stranger it really seems. then i look around and it looks strange too, but what you say actually makes it seem a bit less strange. it makes me want to draw cartoon heads with all kinds of hair-doodleiedoos.

  6. lschontos says:

    First – the picture is amazing! Second – I think I know how you feel. It is somehow so freeing! I’ll bet you look adorable.

    1. nancy says:

      i don’t know about adorable…but my head feels a bit lighter.

  7. Wayne says:

    Wow! I am not ready to go with the flow… Says the man with a pony tail. ;’)

    1. nancy says:

      my man still has a little bit of a pony tail left… no way he’s cutting it…he is more attached to his hair than his hair is to him though :-) time and age, age and time.

  8. Cut free ? So much visual symbolism here. And right before your road trip. The excitement builds!

      1. I’m getting lost in that image… Gorgeous swirl.

        1. nancy says:

          i am learning that finding other people’s photos can be just as fun as taking my own! this one has some strange looking planets…

    1. nancy says:

      what’s left of my hair is not afraid of open car windows or a kansas winds…

  9. I like the earnestness of this.

    1. nancy says:

      nothing to get in my eyes…

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