Sweet Light


Continued reading of “Mere Christianity” by Clive Staples Lewis.
I was wondering about the word “charity” and, actually, words in general.  They tend to change meaning over time with use.  Such it is with theology.  Everyone has there own idea about each word.  Meanings also get changed in translations.  Yet, i think, even though words and meanings change, the main message of the gospel will never be changed by anyone.
Charity is the title of this week’s chapter.  And i can not even begin to express the different meanings that people might put onto this one.  In Christian theology, it’s an unlimited loving-kindness toward all others, and should not be confused with a more modern meaning of benevolent giving.
We have been shown, to some extent, what we are, and what we could have been.  In looking at our self, we can see our selfishness.  And in looking at our self and comparing our self to others, we can see other people’s selfishness.  On one hand we may despair, and on the other hand we may feel a need to prove our self better.  If we spend too much time looking at our self…that is all we will see.
But, we have been given a gift in Jesus Christ.  “Relationship” with our God.

We have been given the one place too look that is beyond our self.  In this place of relating with God we can see that there is more for us and for others.  There is mystery in the workings of God within this gift.  And within the mystery of relationship we are given faith, hope and Love.
And this is something that no one but God can change.

We must look at our self to a degree.  Then we can look past our self
in thankfulness,
at our God.
He is the Sweet Light of Grace for us all.

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