farm . the one word carnival


~ farm (n.)
c.1300, “fixed payment (usually in exchange for taxes collected, etc.), fixed rent,”
from O.Fr. ferme “rent, lease,”
from firmus “firm.”
Sense of “tract of leased land” is first recorded early 14c.;
that of “cultivated land” (leased or not) is 1520s.

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the one word carnival is hosted by peter pollock
and the word this week is “farm”

i don’t really have any farm stories of my own, but, my sister does.
she grew up as a small town girl in illinois and ended up on a farm in
wyoming.  her husband grew up on a farm there, and went back
to farming after they were married for a few years.  they had three
boys, so you might imagine that there was always a new story.
i do know that it is not an easy life, yet, it is very different than
any other type of life.  in the summer, there is plenty of work to be
done, so no such thing as summer vacation.  everyone must be
up early and right out, back in for a breakfast around nine, then
back out again.  supper is usually after dark, and then straight to bed.
summer is usually when i would visit, so i got lessons on setting
water and other such things.  i heard about sad things that can
happen with accidents and broken marriages and loss of life.
i heard funny stories of things the boys would do.  i sat at the
cafe in town (that is not open anymore) and would hear all the talk
about the weather from old men in overalls.  i saw wheat fields
golden against a big blue wyoming sky and a crop of corn that
became nothing after a five minute hailstorm.

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