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in the vineyard

Peter and CJ did some work in our small home vineyard this morning.  They did some topping,
which is cutting back the top growth.  It also looks like they are taking off some of the leaves to
show the grapes a bit more sun.

Soon CJ and i will be off to New Seasons Market to pick up some pizza makings for Casey to use
to make supper tonight. Cream of asparagus soup along with a grilled whole chicken is on the
menu for tomorrow if i can find some good asparagus.

putting by


In my recent travels i picked up a few small jars of peach butter while
in central Indiana to bring home. Today i baked pie crust on a cookie
sheet just so i could have a warm piece lathered with the peach butter.

I found a recipe for preparing and canning and thinking of trying it.

Peach butter recipe via pititchef.

Peter used to do a lot of canning of tomatoes and apple-pear sauce.
And i have never done any canning of my own. I would also like to
freeze some blueberries this year to use in baking and pancakes.


photo – via me

virtual collection

Now that i have collected my thoughts, i realize that i have
collected other things besides stones. For instance i have a
virtual collection that also serves as communication. And
no, it’s not my blog, even though it fits the description.

The collection i am referring to is where i actually found
the photograph above of the pink stamps. The answer is
my collection of boards and pins at Pinterest. I have for
the most part collected images of art. And that is mainly
what i look at there. I follow the boards of other people
that are also into looking at art. It is the best place that
I have found see some of the artwork that is being done
around the world, and even better if i follow back to the
site where the art was found and/or look up the artist.

So if you have an interest in seeing the collection that i
have at Pinterest, have a look here.

I am in the process of deleting some of the collection and
keeping only what i like to look at.

photo via pinterest

the collection agency

Have you ever noticed that when some things are gathered together
they can start to look very different?  I’ve seen it with lots of things
that don’t look all that great on their own, but, just put it with a few
more and suddenly it looks pretty impressive.

I have a few smooth stones that i have collected on the beach. Are
there any things that you have collected and gathered together?

The above photo is by friend and photographer, Steve Gravano.
He wrote, “Whenever I go for a walk, I have my camera.  I’m amazed
at how much litter I come across. I am a little embarrassed to say that
Long Island is about the worst place I’ve ever seen when it comes to litter.
We have a five cent deposit law on carbonated drink, beer and water
containers. It doesn’t seem to help. Go figure. Sometime last year I
decided to put together a collage of cans that I found.”

I think that the cans look pretty good as a collage.


Peter and i went into Newberg yesterday evening to see the Patrick Lamb concert.  It’s part of the free summer concert series for the area called “Tunes on Tuesday“, and this was the first one of the season.  The music was a combination of funk, soul, r&b and jazz.  The band sounded great.

There were several booths of food and local merchants.. We had pizza that was being cooked in a small wood oven on wheels…fresh and hot, just like the weather. It’s a treat to hear a good band in a setting like this. This concert was sponsored by Waste Management of Oregon.  Next Tuesday is suppose to be Jack Quinby, playing big band swing, sponsored by Visiting Angels.

what we do

Have you ever noticed how many things we gather and herd?  Things jump into our hands and end up arranged into our world until we are surrounded by mountains and plains of things. Stuff that becomes our companion, distraction, and attic, basement, garage and spare room filler.  It’s like there are little stuff magnets in our fingertips. We juggle things, move things, lug, dust, store, and….gather more things. Sometimes we go through and figure out who to give some to, or where to take some of it.  We end up putting some on the curb and attaching a “free” sign. Even the things that deserve to be thrown away are gathered at the goodwill for another person’s magnet-fingers to find. And in the spring and fall, the dreaded “yard sale” signs go up…and we slow down the car to get a better look…

photo from flicker


my words or actions toward someone are words or actions to Jesus, to God.  this thought came to me clearly today while i was driving to the market to buy some vegetables. and i think that it is time for me to seriously consider this thought of words and actions.  there is “something that goes on” in “relating” with other people that i don’t know about, but, i have a glimmer of an idea of what it is.

poet friend

Today i want to point you to a very good poem that has been posted by my friend, Glynn Young.  I would be very pleased if you would click on over and read it.  This poem is from a series that Glynn has been writing with the theme of growing-up in the South.  I had asked him if he would write some poems from this time, and he has not only been kind enough to do it, he has also written them wonderfully.  It is already a lovely collection of poems and i hope that there are more to come.


i have been thinking
that thinking
too much
about just
one thing
too much
about anything
that is not
is just
what we do
but God
teaches us
and be
with Him
to listen
i think
man made labels
in fact
man made
do not,
i repeat,
do not…
tell anyone
who you really are
photo by leo reynolds via flickr


For awhile now, i have felt a need to make a list of things that i would like to work on.  
Just to anchor them in one place.  
And then choose something…one thing.
And do it.

it was

July 2, 3, and 4
three days of driving
two hotel stays
from the middle of indiana
to newberg oregon
2260 miles
fields of
pit stops
gas stations
rest areas
beautiful sunsets
smoke from large fires
angus grazing
one small living antelope
several dead deer
red bolders
rolling hills
large mountains
watered valleys
desert land
cities from afar
a great salt lake
rivers small
dry and
npr on the radio
when i could get it