i have been thinking
that thinking
too much
about just
one thing
too much
about anything
that is not
is just
what we do
but God
teaches us
and be
with Him
to listen
i think
man made labels
in fact
man made
do not,
i repeat,
do not…
tell anyone
who you really are
photo by leo reynolds via flickr

10 thoughts on “now

    1. “stinkin’ thinkin’” is a term from AA and refers to that which is habitual, harmful thinking. It has been applied to any addictive behavioral patterns. I first came across it way back in my Protestant pastor days when working with a particular alcoholic who introduced the phrase to me. At the time he’d been ‘dry’ a number of years but said dry or not it is entirely possible to have stinkin’ thinkin’

      P.S. This new forced double sign in is a pain (not your doing I know)

      1. i have not heard the term before. but, it’s good to hear your story.

        i wonder if there is anything i can do about the double sign-in. i will check my settings to see if i can change anything to make a difference.

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