For awhile now, i have felt a need to make a list of things that i would like to work on.  
Just to anchor them in one place.  
And then choose something…one thing.
And do it.

18 thoughts on “doing

  1. Ted M. Gossard

    Nice colors, Nancy. Well, my life seems pretty simple in some respects. I have a certain routine I normally have to do along with things I regularly do. There is a bathroom sink project, a leaking faucet I want to look into to see if I can fix it, but something like that is unusual since to begin with, I’m not mechanically inclined.

    Is nice to think of things one would like to do, and then work on getting them done. Along with things one ought to do, etc. :-)

  2. steve

    I love your painting, even more once I read it was on a greeting card box. An acquaintance of mine, Kino a Japanese water color painter, would paint on anything. Once at a local McDonalds’ he painted with catsup on a napkin. It was awesome.

    1. nancy Post author

      your comment actually helps lead me in a direction i think i am being moved into…

      i have been thinking about what i like about art, and what most people like about it. and mostly it is not something that is admired and studied and made great, but a little something that just touches us and makes us feel the good for a moment.

  3. Wayne

    Yes! Margaret and I have business meetings at a diner and make lists of tasks that are needed to be done. The list often includes art projects that we would love to take on between commissions. Fun! Love the vibrant colors you created.


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