the collection agency

Have you ever noticed that when some things are gathered together
they can start to look very different?  I’ve seen it with lots of things
that don’t look all that great on their own, but, just put it with a few
more and suddenly it looks pretty impressive.

I have a few smooth stones that i have collected on the beach. Are
there any things that you have collected and gathered together?

The above photo is by friend and photographer, Steve Gravano.
He wrote, “Whenever I go for a walk, I have my camera.  I’m amazed
at how much litter I come across. I am a little embarrassed to say that
Long Island is about the worst place I’ve ever seen when it comes to litter.
We have a five cent deposit law on carbonated drink, beer and water
containers. It doesn’t seem to help. Go figure. Sometime last year I
decided to put together a collage of cans that I found.”

I think that the cans look pretty good as a collage.

6 thoughts on “the collection agency

  1. Valerie Kamikubo

    Thanks for sharing Steve’s link. I enjoyed his photos. I have a nice collection of buttons which I take out of their jars from time to time and wonder who’s garments they might have adorned. Originally, I started out with my grandma’s button jar, but it multiplied :-)

    1. nancy Post author

      my grandmother had an old pump style singer sewing machine and one of it’s drawers was filled with old buttons. i remember removing that drawer to go through the collection when i was small. i still like buttons.

      1. S. Etole

        I did the same with my grandmother’s sewing basket. So many fascinating things to look at.

        Steve’s collage is great.

        1. nancy Post author

          steve’s collage makes me want to do a collection photo collage. a bunch of photos of one kind of thing all gathered together in one image, just like his smashed cans.


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